Thursday, April 23, 2009

For Amanda

Amanda has requested a new blog here it is. I hope this will give you a break from perez and/or facebook:)

today, i went over to the apartment in dallas with the plan to get all of the stuff i had left over there. we went a few weeks ago and got the bed and dresser and a few miscellaneous items and we were both under the impression there wasn't much left...HA! holy smokes i have a lot of crap. bryce came over on his lunch break to help me get the big stuff (i had a book case, desk and tv left) and he kicked the moving into high gear. i hate to move, so instead of just sucking it up and getting it over with, i have to whine about it and it takes three times as long.

of course, i didn't take enough boxes, so we resorted to the old "throw everything in a trash sack" stand by. my car was packed. his truck was packed. i have no idea how all this stuff even fit in that apartment. we got everything loaded up and packed up and now it's sitting in the garage of the house...i have no intentions of trying to move it in yet because we're still not done with the house (which is a whole other blog post in itself).

bryce did make the promise to me that next time we move, we're hiring people. i was so happy when he said that i almost cried. seriously. i cannot even begin to explain how much i hate moving.

so, i am officially moved out of the apartment. i guess now we really are truly married because i have nowhere else to go if bryce gets on my nerves:) just kidding! but seriously...

i'm hoping to do a post on the house in the next few days and put up some pictures, but i can't find my camera cord.

manda, i hope this helped pass some time at work. if not, i have a task for you: i think we should all go on a vacation this fall. do some internet investigating (you are sooo good at it!) and work up some options. i love you:)

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  1. just to let you made my day as i was thinking i am going to check to see if just maybe she did any updates...yay! since you didnt answer my phone call i guess this will suffice.



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