Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Honeymoon!

I started a blog on a different site but I forgot the password and all this other stuff, so here's the new and improved one!

We've been married for about a month so far and everything is great! As cheesey as it sounds, we were totally made for this "married" thing. He's such a good little husband...even brought me flowers for our one month anniversary! (Don't ask him about this, he has to keep up his burly man facade!)

Our honeymoon was AMAZING. We (by we I mean, Bryce, me and Rick Steves) left Sunday afternoon, the day after the wedding (March 15th) and our flight from Tulsa to Atlanta was delayed. We missed our flight from Atlanta to Paris, causing us to miss our flight from Paris to Venice. We got to Venice about 6 hours later than planned, with no luggage...awesome. We went to the lost baggage counter in Venice and the lady was super grumpy. We learned a very valuable lesson: ALWAYS get the number from your luggage tag so they can track it. Luckily, our bags were pretty easy to find since they had "Bride" and "Honeymooners" luggage tags ha! As it turns out, our luggage went to NYC and was delivered to our hotel the next day at about lunch time, so thankfully we were only without our luggage for one night!

Venice is amazing! There are no cars or scooters and the city is connected via 2000 alleys and 400 waterways...thus it's super easy to get lost because all the alleys look the same! St. Mark's square and basilica were beautiful! I wanted Bryce to take a picture with all the pigeons on him but he said absolutely not! Birds freak me out, so that was out of the question for me as well. I fell in love with the Murano glass and Bryce had to keep me in line so I didn't buy everything I saw! We did splurge on one thing we both agreed on...a painting. It's of the famous Rialto bridge in Venice and it is beautiful.

We left Venice via train and it was about a 3 hour ride to Florence. Florence is a much larger city...I think about 450,000 people live there. Florence was beautiful (like every place we went!) and is full of museums and is definitely a major center for arts and culture. We saw Michaelangelo's David (which is flipping huge!) and then went to the Duomo which is the big churhc there. From there, we headed over to the Uffizi gallery which houses some majorly famous art...unfortunately, Bryce and I just don't have the appreciation for art. I try, I really do, but I just don't have an appreciation for art that would keep me in a museum for longer than about an hour. So, we loved Florence, but it was definitely a quick stop.

We left Florence via our sweet rental car (we had to upgrade to a four-door because my luggage wouldn't fit!) and headed southeast towards Rome. We stopped at the US National Cemetery just outside of Florence and it was beautiful. We continued on and stopped at any and every winery we wanted to and did some tastings. The second night on our own (without anything planned from our travel agent, Florence was the first) we stayed in San Gimigano. This little town was amazing! It was inside the old city walls and you felt like you just stepped back 400 years. Our hotel was built in like the 1300''s so crazy to try and wrap your head around that!

The next day, we did more wine tastings and headed toward Siena. It was really cold this day and the wind was blowing so hard. We only stayed one night in Siena and I wish we would've stayed longer. Siena may be my favorite place from the trip. It's a smaller city (about 60,000) and there's no scooters inside the city walls. It's so romantic and it's a place to just slow down and enjoy great wine or cappuccino...actually, I recommend gelato:) I had it every day. Seriously.

We left Siena and headed toward Rome. DRIVING IN ROME IS A DISASTER. It took us three hours to find somewhere to return our car and the place we finally found wasn't even the original return spot. Grr. We took a taxi to our hotel to find that Bryce had read the itinerary wrong and we didn't have reservations until the next day. I was not happy. We went and tried to find a hotel to stay at and they were all booked. Seriously, no vacancy anywhere. At this time, we didn't know the Rome Marathon was the next day and there's like 60,000 participants. Since we didn't have anywhere to stay, we went to the train station and used their hotel reservation people to find us a room. We got a room (whew!) which was nice, but in kind of a sketchy area of town. (Yes, I do laugh about this now.) That night, I decided I needed to wash my jeans, so I put them in the sink and washed them with shampoo and hung them to dry in the bathroom. The next morning, we got up early since we missed most of the day before due to trying to find the flipping car return...unfortunately, my idiot self didn't think to hang my jeans outside the window and they were soaked. So, for an hour and a half, I sat in the bathroom with the blow dryer. Idiot.

We went to the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Circus Maximus...all the major tourist sites. I'm not going to write a whole lot about the sites we saw because honestly, there are NO words that can describe how amazing they are. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact those structures are THOUSANDS of years old and we were standing in them. Crazy!

We saw the Vatican (which was amazingly beautiful) and ate gelato, which was the daily norm:) Basically, that wraps up Rome.

Coming home
By the end of our trip, we were both exhausted and couldn't wait to get home. There were a lot of things we totally take for granted for example, ice. You don't get ice in any of your drinks. Our flight left at 8:30 on Wednesday morning (March 25) and our transfer from the hotel picked us up at 5:30. Early. We got to the airport at like 6:15 and were wondering why the heck we got picked up so early. More frustrating, we were both starving because we didn't eat breakfast and none of the shops in the airport were open yet. Grrr. We got on the plane and headed back to Atlanta. 10 1/2 hours. Coach. Ugh. It was a long flight. When we got to Atlanta, we tried to get on the earlier flight into Tulsa, but we couldn't so we had a five hour layover. We finally got home at 10:30 central time. It was a loooooooong day to say the least.

We didn't have any jet lag going or coming and we know it's because we just stayed up. It was tough and no fun being tired, but it was nice to not lose anytime in Italy because we had jet lag.

We had such a great time and definitely can't wait to go back. Next time, We're starting in Tuscany (wine, duh!) and then heading south down the coast.

I'm working on getting the pics on here. Stay tuned:)

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