Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our Humble Abode!

Finally, the long awaited house posting!

We have been working our booties off trying to get this house finished. It's coming a long as well as can be expected seeing as this thing was DISGUSTING when we closed on it. Here are some before and after's:
kitchen before.  NEVER IN MY LIFE have i been in a house
that was so disgustingly dirty.  yuck. 

kitchen before, looking from living room.

kitchen after, the first time.  new light fixtues and hardware.

I didn't like the yellow of the original kitchen, so we decided to color wash it with a tan to add a little depth. Well, I didn't like that either and since the kitchen is a smaller space, I felt that we needed something bright and's what we came up with:

***UPDATE:  a lot of you asked how we did our cabinets, so here's what we did:  light hand sanding, coat of dark red and dry brush ONE coat of chocolate.  we used foam brushes, latex paint (that's what we had laying around) and then finished with a layer of poly. 

kitchen after the second (and final) time.

breakfast nook.
looking in from the living.  please excuse the HUGE mess, dust on the drop lights
and lack of trim around the pantry door (which is magnetic and chalkboard, btw!)

"Baby's Room" not because we are preggo, because the previous owners had some nasty little baby stencil on the walls. (This is also Jackson's room. He's going to spend a week with us in the summer like I did with Jackie growing up.) 

***UPDATE:  since this post, we obviously have had a baby, so this really did become the nursery and the office was repurposed into a guest room/office. 
stencils.  barf-o.

after!  new carpet, paint, and trim. 
orange quilt/shams, blanket from west elm
duvet/shams from pottery barn
the throw pillows and sheet set is from target

This is the "smoker's room." Not because we smoke in it, but the previous owners did. It was the MOST DISGUSTING room I have ever stepped foot in. It's now our office/Bryce's man room.

We are also repainting the stair rails. The white looks much cleaner and fresh. Here are the before and afters. By the way, if you're ever considering doing this, be prepared with LOTS of patience and time. It takes forever and is super tedious...unless you can tape everything off and spray those bad boys.  DO THIS FIRST if you are going to do this when remodeling.  if you are even considering doing it, DO THIS FIRST.  trust me.   

we still have a TON left to do, but i think what we've done so far is pretty fantastic!  hope y'all like it:)

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