Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wedding Season Continues.

This past weekend we went home to see my best friend from high school, Kendall Pfeifer, get married! The nickname I gave to her in like 7th grade is Piff, so if I refer to her as Piff, you now
know who I'm talking about.
We went to Oklahoma City on Friday night to see Amanda and Garin and their new house! I LOVE IT!!! It's a super cute old little gingerbread house - the kind that the floors creak when you walk on them...basically the kind of house I've always wanted to live in. The house right next door to them is for sale and when we drove up I flipped! "Bryce we need to buy it!!" His response was typical Bryce: "If you're going to be like this all night, I'm staying home with Garin and you and Amanda can go talk about how we're NOT going to buy that house." So, we're not buying the house.

We had a GREAT time with them and I forget how much I miss both of them until we get together. I'm thinking we'll get to see them again pretty soon:)

Saturday morning we got up and drove home for Piff's wedding. We spent the day with our families and then headed over to the church later that evening. Kendall looked absolutely gorgeous. Everything was just beautiful, and the cake was yummy! She had a layer of funfetti (classic Piff), vanilla and chocolate from Harmony House...so you know it was awesome! It was great to see her and I've got to start being a better friend...she lives in Dallas and we never see each other. Sad, I know.
Kendall (Pfeifer) Bowles
Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame
all decked out!
Funfetti, Vanilla, Chocolate!

The beautiful Piff in all her bridal glory:)

Sunday we went to Fusion (Dwayne's church) and then came home and cooked out. The weather was actually awesome, believe it or not! Apparently all it's done in Oklahoma lately is rain, rain, rain. I guess Sunday was a mini-birthday celebration for me because I got some bday presents and Mom made me a funfetti cake:)

Bryce's Nanny gave me a really cute dress and Mom gave me - much to Bryce's dismay - MORE THROW PILLOWS FOR OUR BED!! I was pumped, but Bryce gets really annoyed because I won't let him lay on "the pretty pillows." He says "if they're pillows on my bed I should be able to lay on them!" Our bedding is cream and black, so I FREAK if anything gets on it or near it, especially Moose because he sheds. I spend a lot of time trying to get his dang hair off our comforter.

This next weekend we're going to Houston for another wedding and then we're done for a while...whew! We love going to weddings of people we love, but we are definitely ready to be home and stop traveling for a while. Right now, our schedule is booked all the way til June, so I'm definitely looking forward to next month so we can have a break and spend some time at home...hopefully our house will be done soon!

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  1. Kristen I just found your blog. It looks like things are going really really well for you! I am so happy for you.



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