Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yesterday afternoon, I decided to go for a jog/walk around the park in our neighborhood. I've been trying to take the dogs (well at least Moose) so they can get out and get some exercise. The last few times I've taken Moose, he has to stop every five seconds and pee on everything to mark his territory...sooo obnoxious. This past weekend when Amanda and Garin were down, she wanted to take him on a walk, so we did. Saturday night, Amanda took Moose and I took Diva on a quick jaunt around the block. As we rounded the corner, there was a lady with her German Shepherd mix who was obviously freaked out by Moose - not that I blame her, because Moose did start snorting and was very interested in checking out this other dog. They were getting closer, so Amanda and I decided to switch dogs and I now had Moose. As the other dog approached, the lady decided it was a good idea to stop in the middle of the sidewalk. PEOPLE, IF YOU SEE A BIG DOG COMING AND YOU ARE AFRAID, DON'T STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SIDEWALK. DUH. Well, of course nothing happened because Moose is really just a big weenie, but the lady was obviously pissed. After that, we decided to go ahead and head home. Okay, so there's the back story.

Yesterday, as we headed out, everything seemed to be fine. I try to take Moose between four and five in the afternoon because the park isn't really busy yet. As we were walking over a bridge right by the soccer fields, Moose saw this little Chihuahua coming and of course, he wanted to sniff it out. So as he's walking toward this dog, I tighten up the leash and only let him have about a foot of length between the handle of the leash and his collar. Unfortunately, this didn't help. As Moose got closer to the dog, what did the owner do? SHE STOPPED. I was trying really hard to keep Moose down and away from them and as he jumped, he was yanked back by the leash. He was then all worked up and jumping around that he tripped me. Yes, tripped me...and I don't mean like a little stutter step. I fell straight down onto my right side in front of a ton of people. I even had to pick pebbles out of my hand like I was a little kid that had just fallen off my bike. I WAS PISSED. And a little hurt to be honest...the ol' hip was definitely giving me some problems after that little episode.

Well naturally, Moose just galloped on like nothing had ever happened. I was so pissed at him I could barely stand to look at the stupid dog. Needless to say, Moose is absolutely-without-a-doubt-no-more-discussion-needed getting neutered.


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  2. I can feel your pain with them not cooperating....just this week I took Millie out there and she acts like she's never been out before....growls, tugs, pulls and acts so crazy when we are near another dog.....I get sooo embarrassed....this last time she did it so many times that I was really mad at her, I did feel bad and then I blame myself for not taking her out enough and that's probably why she acts like a wild animal that's never been out.....grrr....I've taken her out a few times this week the 2nd time she was so much better...
    Good luck on your next walk!



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