Thursday, October 22, 2009

...and then he put out the fire.

i don't know if it's this time of the year or if there's something going on with the moon, but our dogs have officially lost their dang minds...

last night, bryce and i were sitting on the couch watching t.v. and enjoying the rain.  (well at this point, the rain had slowed from a freaking monsoon to a nice little shower).  as we sat there, we heard a noise...bryce thought it was moose licking and i thought it was the rain picking up again.  we both happened to look over toward the kitchen to find moose, hiking his leg and peeing on our chair.  I KID YOU NOT, he hiked his freaking leg and soaked the chair, like the damn thing was on fire or something and he had to save us all by putting it out.  WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE ANIMALS??!!!

i can honestly say in my whole entire life i have never been more scared for moose because the hurricane was a'comin'.  it was almost as if moose knew what was in store for him because he came over, sat down in front of bryce while lowering his ears and tucking his tail.  moose was prepared for punishment.

we were both so in shock that we could barely move.  well, bryce got over that real quick and beat the ever-lovin-crap out of him with a wooden spoon.  and with that, moose was banished to the back yard  to endure hurricane rains and wind.  after about three hours, moose was still sitting at the back door in the pouring down rain whining to come in.  i'm hoping the idiot went and got in his dog house, but we're not really sure if he did or not.

needless to say that our poor mop is on its way out...between moose dookie and moose pee, i think it's seen better days.  so, the saga of the delinquent dogs continues...but hopefully we're nearing the end.  these dogs are slowly inching their way towards becoming outside dogs, which would be a huge bummer since winter isn't far away!

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