Friday, December 31, 2010


okay, so here's the rundown of where i left you last time:  thought my water broke.  called bryce, said come home now.  drove to hospital.  water broke.  and broke.  and now you're caught up:)

after the nurse had confirmed my water broke and told us i was dilated to almost a five, they moved us into our labor & delivery room where i was hooked up to the monitors.  at this point, i still wasn't really having any contractions, so i was thinking i was going to be one of those imaginary women who would give birth to a baby who basically crawled out.  you know, no sweating, grunting, full-makeup, hair done...wishful thinking!!  as the contractions started, i was able to breathe through them for the most part.  bryce was trying so hard to be a good coach like we learned in class, but we both soon learned that his coaching really did nothing but piss me off.  he kept saying "focus on me" and it was all i could do to not punch him square in the face.  luckily, we made it through with just one little spat of "seriously, don't!"

as the contractions increased, my body began convulsing.  it was the strangest thing because i couldn't stop my body from shaking.  the nurse said it was a natural reaction, almost like being in shock after a car accident or something traumatic; my body was basically dealing with the pain by shaking.  ANNOYING.  i had gone in with the mind set that i really wanted to try to deliver naturally, but i soon realized that wasn't going to happen.  about 2:30 a.m. the nurse put a drip of some pain meds into the iv and that helped for a little while.  after about an hour of the drip, the drowsiness quickly wore off and gave way to intense pain and the shaking continued.  since i wasn't able to use the time in between contractions to rest because of the constant shaking, i put in the call for the heavy artillery.  the epidural.

about 4:45, about four hours after we got to the hospital, sweet relief arrived.  his name was dr.  fox and if i could've kissed him on the mouth i would have.  side note:  for those of you who have never had an epidural, i have to admit i giggle when asked if it hurt.  yes, it is a big ass needle.  yes, it is inserted into a spinal cavity.  but does it hurt?  well, compared to what?!  in comparison to the "heaven-has-unleashed-all-its-fury-and-has-manifested-itself-in-my-stomach" pain of contractions, no. 

so, after about 15 minutes, the epidural kicked in and we were both able to get some sleep which was welcomed with open arms since we had both been up since about 6:30 a.m. the previous morning.  now i have no prior experience with an epidural, but i have to say i was pretty impressed with dr.  fox's fancy work:  my mid-section was completely numb, but i still had (limited, of course) use of my legs.  if i needed to push up in the bed or readjust, i was able to. 

at this point, our parents had shown up and each one had the opportunity to come in, say hi and pray with us.  kevin had been holding down the waiting room, even though we kept telling him to go home and get some rest.  such a good cousin:) 

i only got about an hour and a half of sleep and about 7:45 i decided to just give up on it.  i kind of felt like a little kid the night before their first day of school and the anticipation of seeing our baby kept me awake.  before i knew it, i started feeling the urge to push.  about 8:30 a.m.  i started pushing and the baby was slowly working her way down.  my nurse, cathy (who was aahhh mazing) told me that the baby's head was having a tough time dropping down through the pubic bone, so she had me lay on my side with my leg propped up to try and help baby b get on outta' there...  okay, another side note:  when bryce was born, his head was too big to pass through the birth canal.  i think tonya pushed for like 2 1/2 hours or so before they decided it wasn't going to happen and she had a c-section.  at this point, i turned to bryce and told him i was going to punch him in the throat if this baby's head didn't fit through...

lucky for bryce, the rolling around on the bed and laying on my sides gave baby b enough room to pass on through.  the nurse asked if i would like a mirror so i could see what was going on and i'm really glad i agreed to that:  it made my pushing way more productive because i could see what was working.  we pushed a few more times and then called for the doctor.  my doctor wasn't on call that weekend, so i was kind of disappointed about that, but all the doctors in the practice are fantastic, so that disappointment quickly subsided.  cathy told me that with the next contractions, i needed to try to breathe through them and not push because we had to wait on dr.  cope. 

at 9:23 a.m. our sweet baby girl made her debut.  they put her directly on my chest and her daddy cut the cord.  they then took her and cleaned her up, measured her and weighed her.  8 pounds 5 ounces.  i couldn't believe it.  praise GOD she was two 1/2 weeks early.  it makes me shutter when i think of how big she could've been if she would've hung out a little longer. 

we left the l & d room and headed to the maternity ward about noon and were met by our parents and kevin (who at this point had been at the hospital for twelve hours, apparently enduring a night in the waiting room with "that guy" who wanted to talk and be his bff). 

so, there you have it.  that's how brice elisabeth thompson got out of her cozy, little home and into mommy and daddy's arms...and golley geez we're sure glad she's here:)

Monday, November 22, 2010

let's get to the good stuff!

okay so i had this grand idea of updating on all the doctor's appointments post-appointment six...but i can't remember the order of sequence regarding things, so i'll just get on with the good stuff:)

okay, our 38 week appointment was november 5th.  bryce picked me up from work as usual and we headed to the doctor.  at this point, i was basically making deals with the devil to GET THIS CHILD OUT.  i didn't care how it happened, i just wanted her out.  i had crossed over into the land of miserable pregnant women:  swollen, waddling, peeing my pants anytime i sneezed (or laughed...or coughed...) and not to mention the heartburn.  good lord almighty i'm pretty sure i single-handedly kept pepcid in business this year.

well anyway, dr. walters came in to the exam room and i was bartering with her - bryce could fix up her house.  i would babysit her kids, cook, clean...basically whatever i needed to do to have this baby.  unfortunately, i was only dilated to 1.5 centimeters, so i headed out of the doctor's office with the realization that i was probably going to give birth to a kindergartner.  ugh.

that night, bryce and kevin (my cousin who lives down the street) decided they wanted to go bowling to celebrate kevin's new job.  i decided to stay home and have a relaxing evening: bath time and snuggling with the dogs.  exciting, i know.

about 11 p.m. i went to turn off the television.  well as all pregnant women know, it's not abnormal to pee your pants when you go to hoist your alien-like body out of the bed and that's exactly what happened - so i thought.  i was pissed (no pun intended) as i rolled out of bed because i had JUST gone to the bathroom!  i waddled into the bathroom and it didn't take long for me to realize it may be a little something more than just your normal pregnancy potty issue. 

i called frantically called bryce and told him i was pretty sure my water just broke.  "what do you mean your water just broke?"  "well, bryce i don't know any other way to say that."  he then asked if he needed to come home which i so calmly responded, "HELL YES, GET YOUR BUTT HOME!" 

when they arrived, kevin was cheering "we're going to have a baby!!"  bryce was super calm, basically thinking i was a nut case and i was freaking out trying to decide if i really was in labor or if i was imagining things.  bryce so sweetly reminded me (insert sarcasm text here) that there are two reasons pregnant women go to the hospital:  contractions 3-5 minutes apart and/or a big gush of fluid.  well, my big gush of fluid wasn't so big, but i figured we should go anyway just in case.  good thing we did...

as we pull out of the house, kevin asked where he was going and we told him to just head to cabela's.  "where is cabela's?!!?"  he had obviously started to panic...

for those of you who don't know, to get to the highway you pull out of our house and go down the street and turn left, followed by a right turn and you'll eventually run into i-35 to head north to cabela's and the hospital.  so, we pull out and kevin turns right.  "where are you going??!!!" bryce and i both screamed at him..."i don't know!"  still in panic mode i suppose...

halfway to the hospital, kevin asked bryce why he wasn't in the backseat with his wife.  well, it never really donned on either of us that the daddy-to-be should be sitting in the backseat with the mommy-to-be.  bryce crawled into the backseat with me and asked if i was having contractions...still no at this point.

when we go to the hospital, we pulled into the emergency room entrance since it was midnight and all the other entrances were closed.  bryce went ahead and ran in to get a wheel chair, check in, etc.  any doubt i had about my water breaking was put to rest the moment i got out of the car.  my original little trickle had now turned into a full-on gush.  i know kevin was glad that happened after i got out of his car:)

bryce rolled me in and the nurse escorted us up to labor and delivery.  the nurse told me to go into the bathroom and change into the oh-so-stylish hospital gown.  the moment i stood up out of the wheel chair, the full-on gush had turned into niagara falls.  i swear i had to have lost ten pounds at this point. 

after i changed, the nurse checked and we were already dilated to almost a five...up from a 1.5 that dr. walters had told us a mere eight hours earlier.  needless to say, we knew we were having our baby!!  we called our parents and they headed down from oklahoma at 1 o'clock in the morning:)

okay well that's a long enough post for now.  i'll blog about the rest fingers are cramping:) 

Saturday, September 11, 2010


well hello, blog.  nice to see you again. 

since my last posting, there has been quite a lot going on in the thompson house!!  we had our fifth and sixth doctor's appointments, started the nursery, started baby classes and i started a new job!  this post is about the appointments so i can keep it to a manageable size and, well, blah, blah, blah about the new job...nobody cares about that, right??  :) 

doctor's appointment number five was the ever-exciting glucose tolerance test.  basically, i got to chug the delicious flat-sunkist-like orange drink and wait an hour to go get pricked.  at this point, i had only gained 12 pounds!  woo hoo!!!  baby girl's heart rate was right around 150 and let me tell ya, this kid DOES NOT like to be messed with.  she will scoot away from the doppler and when we finally catch her, she'll kick it.  not that i blame her though...i mean she's roasty toasty comfortable in there and i'd want to be left alone too:) 

so a few days later we got the results from the tests.  every thing looked perfect except my iron was a little low.  they like for it to be at 12 and mine was at 10.9...not surprising since EVERY time i try to donate blood my iron is low.  so anyway, i'm now enjoying  the addition of an iron supplement to my daily pill-popping routine.  for those of you who know anything about iron, you know that my level of sarcasm is at an all-time high right now. 

doctor's appointment number six was one we were really looking forward to - we had another sonogram!  if you remember, a few months ago, they told me that my placenta was low-lying, so we'd need to do another sonogram in a few months to assess the situation.  once again, God is totally blessing us, this pregnancy and this baby!!!  my placenta had moved so far up that we don't have to worry about it anymore!  whew!  once again, baby girl was PISSED about being chased around with the doppler.  she was kicking the dang thing.  seriously.  you could see her doing it on the screen.  this sonogram brought around a few different emotions for me...our baby is getting so big!  i am so excited to smooch her little face, but it made me realize how quickly our time with her is going to go, so i'm trying to enjoy every single second i have with her before i have to share:)

after the sonogram, i got to do the normal activities...get weighed, pee in a know, all the fun things.  well, much to the entertainment of my husband, i got to kiss that 12 pounds LONG GONE.  hello 20 pounds, you sure snuck up on me quick.  anyway, besides the annoying 20 pounds that are now sitting on top of my short little legs (that i feel could rival the great redwoods), everything is great.  my belly is measuring one centimeter ahead, but that's no big deal. 

so, as usual, we are very thankful for a fantastic report from the doctor and so pleased our baby girl is enjoying her time in mommy's belly.  although i do have to admit november can't get here soon enough:) 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

turtle or hamburger?

a few weeks ago, an ultrasound tech came into the bank.  we were talking about babies and i told him that my husband didn't want to find out the sex of our baby, but i did.  he told me that if our baby is a boy, the - ahem - "business" will look like a turtle.  if our baby is a little girl, we'd be looking at a hamburger.  interesting...

ever since we found out we were having a baby, i wanted to know what we were having.  bryce didn't.  i kept bugging him about finding out (and even though he won't admit this) i had just given up a few weeks ago and accepted that we were just going to have to wait.  so, i dropped it.  well, let's be honest...not completely, but for the most part:) 

at the last doctor's appointment, we told them to make sure they put in our file that we didn't want to find out the gender.  so, last week when bryce told me this i was surprised:  he said that we could have them put what we were having in an envelope and seal it, that way if we changed our mind, we had the option to find out.  i really couldn't believe it and to be honest, i thought he was just messing with me.  but sure enough, he was serious.

so, friday was our fourth doctor's appointment.  we were both super duper excited because we knew this sonogram would show a lot more than just a little baby nugget:)  before the appointment, we went to the nesting place, which is where we're going to take our birthing classes.  we decided that we're going to take a little smorgas board class that includes not only labor and delivery, but breast feeding and basically babies 101.  i was asking bryce if we wanted to do classes during the week or on saturdays and he so lovingly replied, "well i don't have to go to that breastfeeding crap do i?  i mean that has nothing to do with me."  thanks bryce.  his delivery is so charming sometimes.  not that i blame him though...i can see why he thinks he doesn't need to know about breast feeding.  i then reminded him that although it won't be him that's turning into the milk bank, he will be part of the support team, so tough crap.  he's going:)

we arrived for our 1:30 appointment at 1:10 because bryce had the third annual "the golf tournament" this weekend, so we had to scoot so he could get on to debauchery and gambling with the boys.  at 1:55, after bryce griping at me to go see what the problem was, the ultrasound technician called us back.  she was fabulous!  not that i expect anything less from our doctor's office.  i just love that place. 

anyway, we went back and i hopped up on the table.  i had my dress up before she even turned around...let's get this show on the road!!  i was ready to see our baby!  since the last time we were there, the office had put up a flat screen tv on the wall right in front of the table so the mommies can see it on the big screen.  and there the baby was, squirming around all over the tv.  i swear i fall in love with this baby more and more every single day. 

well, this little squirt is hyper-active, just like mom and dad.  i mean would we really expect anything less??  the girl spent quite a bit of time chasing the baby around to get measurements, etc.  the baby was waving his/her arms and smacking his/her lips. i think the reason the baby was so squirmy was because he/she was trying to get away from the probe. i mean i can't say that i wouldn't be like quit chasing me with that dang thing and let me sleep!!

we told her that we wanted them to put the gender in a sealed envelope, so she told us to look away so we wouldn't see it.  so we did.  bryce kept telling me not to peek.  yes, i know, i'm a cheater...and if he wouldn't have been staring right at me, i would've looked.  for all of you who say you wouldn't, i don't want to hear it.  i'm weak, so shoot me:)

afterwards, we went into the exam room to do our follow up with dr. walters.  she said everything looked perfect with the baby, but my -eeeek, bryce hates this word- placenta is sitting low, right on top of my cervix so we'll have to have another sonogram in a few weeks to make sure it moves.  it's not a big deal, but it could cause delivery to be tricky.  as far as i'm concerned, that just means more pictures of our baby:)

okay, so on the way home, we talked about how we were going to open the envelope.  i think after bryce saw the baby on the screen, he realized that he wanted to "know" the baby.  it sounds strange, but it kind of was like there is a stranger living with us.  so anyway, i wanted to take the results to a bakery and have a little cake made for just the two of us and have a special date night.  he was so not into that.  actually, the tables had turned.  bryce wanted to open the envelope right there in the car and i was FREAKING out.  i was so nervous i could hardly stand it.  after freaking out the entire way home, we decided we would just open it and that way bryce could have all weekend to ponder some names for the baby.  so, we stopped by jc penney real quick to pick up some flip flops and then headed home. 

we pulled up in the driveway and sat there for a few minutes.  i handed bryce the envelope because i was such a nervous wreck there was no way that i would be physically able to open that thing.  so, he opened it.  "i knew it!  i knew it!  i was right!"  bryce was screaming.  i started screaming "tell me!  tell me!!"  i wish we could've videoed it because i'm sure it was hysterical.  so, he never actually told me, he just handed me the picture...

HAMBURGER!  the thompson's will be welcoming a baby girl:)  from the beginning, bryce had said girl and i had some creepily vivid dreams a few weeks ago about bringing home a little girl, so i think we both knew that we were having a girl.  now, yes, i realize it's easy to say that now that we know for sure, but i'm telling you those dreams were crazy!! 

so, there you have it world, bryce finally gave in to the persistence of his wife (which is not totally true, but if he wants to use me as the scape goat, that's fine) and we now know that we'll be bringing home a little girl this november.  i wish that i had the entire day on tape.  this baby has made me fall so much more in love with my husband.  seeing his face when he saw the picture made me melt.  he is going to be the best father and seeing how excited he is about loving our baby girl just makes my love for him grow even more.  i just love that guy:)

okay, so here's the first booty shot of baby girl thompson: 

waving to mom and dad!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

bun in the oven.

okay, okay, so as usual, i've been slacking on the blogging...anway, let's get on with it. 

i would like to start out by saying that being pregnant is amazing.  amazing in great ways, and amazing in not-so-great ways.  i sometimes still find myself in awe of the fact that God has blessed us to be the parents of one of his miracles.  i totally understand now what my mom always told me:  "you won't understand what true love is until you have a baby of your own."  thanks mom for being just you, for being my mom.  being pregnant and on the verge of becoming a mommy myself takes life to a whole different level. 

alright so there was my emotional, hormonal prego side coming out...but here's the real story for this one:  i haven't told you anything about doctors appointments #2 and #3.  i had no idea what to expect seeing as how we don't have another sonogram until july, so besides being weighed (eeeeeek!) and peeing in a cup, everything was a mystery.

so, we show up, get weighed, pee in the cup and head into the exam room.  well "WE" didn't get weighed or pee in the cup...just me.  they really have no use for bryce's weight or pee.  (which the weight tracking for the daddy-to-be could be interesting...but that's beside the point.)  dr.  walters came in and as usual, was super cheerful and just all around fabulous.  i just love her to pieces.  she asked me how i was feeling, any weird things going on (i'll leave those of you who have never experienced pregnancy living in ignorance and those of you who have know the questions...) and then told me to lay down.  she put some gel on my stomach and put this little microphone on my stomach.  the most amazing sound i have ever heard in my whole entire life filled the room.  there it was, clear as day, this precious, little, super-speed heartbeat just thumping away.  170 beats per minute.  much like with the sonogram, i sat dumb founded with my mouth open, only this time i was staring at bryce, not the screen:)

doctors appointment number three was pretty much the same thing.  this time, baby t's heart rate was 158.  once again, we got another fantastic report. 

alright, so after much debating (mostly with myself) i have decided to put up some belly pics.  i had originally decided not to do this because right now i just feel like a huge fatty who's been chowing down the french fries.  (which, just so you know i haven't.  that was the first trimester thank-you-very-much.) well that and i think it's kind of weird to post pictures of myself with my shirt pulled up, belly hanging out.  i will say though that i find it way less creepy now that i can actually feel the little squirt moving around in his/her baby condo.  it's a constant reminder that we really are having a baby versus me just turning into a fatty. 

so, here you go.  for all of you who haven't been receiving the emails, i will now introduce you to my little bun in the oven baby bump.  yes, i am wearing the same clothes.  yes, it's in the exact same spot and YES I JUST WOKE UP.  no comments about the flannel pj pants (kuchel, this means you!) and back off the sleepy face...i haven't slept through the night once in the past 19 weeks.  i always have to pee.  ugh. 

alright, here's baby t's camp site at 15 weeks:

and here we are at 19 weeks: 

so, world, there you have it.  i have officially joined the cult of crazies that feel it's acceptable to put naked bellies on the internet for complete strangers to enjoy.  i can't even imagine what i'll post once the baby gets here.  my poor children are going to be so embarrased by their mother. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

whew! we really are preggo:)

holy moly it's been almost two months since my last post!  i can blame this on a few things:  1.  we are the owners of like four lap tops and none of them work.  pitiful.  2.  i've just been lazy.

so any hooo, i'm back in action and hoping to update the blog weekly, especially since the bun in the oven is baking away:)

since my last post, we've been to the doctor twice but this entry is about doctor's visit number one.

our doctor and hospital is in grapevine, about 30 minutes from our house.  i never really thought about the drive until we were headed to the meet with the gynecologist who had now become my obstetrician.  bryce gently reminded me "baby, this is kind of far.  you're not worried about this when you go into labor?"  thanks bryce.  add even more worries to the crazy pregant lady's list...

when we got to the doctor for the first time, the place was PACKED.  we filled out a ton of paperwork and then went back with the sonographer for our first ultrasound.  i guess i didn't realize how scared i was because i swear she rolled that thing around on my stomach for three minutes without saying a word.  i just knew she was going to tell me i was crazy and that there wasn't a baby in there.  i kept looking at her, then at bryce, then back to her, and no one was saying anything.  bryce finally asked, "are you measuring"  and she replied yes.  measuring what??!!  an empty uterus?!!  i was laying there silent on the table freaking out on the inside. 

then, she turned around the computer screen.

i can honestly say in my entire life i have never felt such wonder and amazement (and relief!).  there he or she was, with that little heart just fluttering away.  it was the most amazing moment of my life.  i was hoping she would just let me lay there and watch it for hours.  i swear i could have:)

so, she printed off some pictures and we were off to the waiting room to wait for the exam.  now maybe i'm a little weird, but i told bryce from the get-go that he was going to be a part of everything:  every doctor's visit, ultrasound, anything that has to do with my pregnancy and our baby.  so, i informed him that he would be meeting the doctor (i LOVE my doctor but wanted to make sure bryce felt the same way) and he would be in the room during my exam and to be prepared with questions.  okay, now some of you might think this is weird, but i figured he might as well meet the woman who is going to be all up in my business for the next nine months.

while we sat in the exam room, i asked him if he was nervous or uncomfortable.  of course he wasn't.  as always, bryce was so non-chalant about it all.  after the exam, we had some time with the doctor to ask questions.  she left, i got dressed and bryce looked over and said "that's it?"  i could have shot him.  i wonder how he would feel with someone poking and prodding around in no man's land...

so anyway, the first visit was not only successful, but it was such a relief to know that this is actually happening and i wasn't just losing my mind:)  well and it confirmed what the five pregnancy tests had already told us.

i wish we had an ultrasound machine at home...i swear i'd be on that thing all the time:)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

start spreading the news!

okay, so i know some of you have seen the picture of bryce in the big yellow chicken here's the explanation.

we knew we wanted to tell our family in a very special way and after three weeks of knowing, we could hardly keep our traps shut!  we had originally planned to wait until after our first doctors appointment (just in case something was wrong) but we were so excited we had to get it out!  the original plan for easter was that my mom was going to come down, but we decided to go home instead.  plus, easter was a great cover up. 

so let's go back about 26 years...

when tonya found out she was pregnant with bryce, she hired a singing telegram to come to their house and tell dwayne.  much to her surprise, a big yellow chicken showed up with pink and blue balloons.  when she got pregnant with brittne, she gave dwayne a stuffed yellow chicken and he instantly knew what was going on.  so, with that being said and an on-going family joke, we rented a chicken suit. 

we got to tonya and dwayne's about 9:30 after stopping to pick up the chicken suit from mike turner (who so graciously picked up this humongous thing) and i went in first to get the iPhone ready for recording.  after a few minutes, bryce walked in donning full chicken garb.  big red feet and all.  dwayne instantly knew and it took tonya about a minute to figure it out; unknown to us, they had a conversation about two hours earlier about how stupid that big yellow chicken was!  she thought they were playing a joke on her and then she finally figured it out!

we then went over to tell nanny and i made all the great-grands onesies that said "i love my ____"  (fill in their name).

the next morning, we went to tell my mom.  my mom is all about goodie baskets and little treats so i made her an easter basket full of baby stuff and a grandma frame.  we walked in and i handed it to her and she dropped it and instantly started ugly faced crying (sorry mom, but you did).  it was perfect!

we then proceeded to tell the rest of the family and every one was equally excited!  we had a family cookout on saturday night at dwayne and tonya's and everyone had to pick a pink or blue plate based off of what they wanted.  quite a few people took both for twins (which i am relieved to say that's not the case!). 

we won't know if we'll be buying pink or blue until the baby gets here because we've decided to wait.  well actually, bryce wants to and i don't but we made a compromise:  since he's mr.  fix it and all that stuff, we made the deal that if we wait to find out (which he REEEEEEALLY wants) the second the baby is born he'll be on the phone with painters and other construction guys to get the nursery perfect by the time we get home.  i figured that was fair:)

so anyway, there you have it.  hopefully soon i'll be able to post the videos:) 

Monday, April 5, 2010


i have definitely been neglecting the here i am for redemption and i'm thinking this post will be just the thing:)

we've had a very busy (and secretive!) past three weeks...

at the begining of the year, bryce and i began talking about when we would start our family.  my big thing is that i want to have two or three children and be done by the time i'm 30, so we started at my 30th birthday and worked backwards based on our ideal situation.  needless to say the saying "the best way to make god laugh is to tell him your plans"  is absolutely true!

i had began researching the whole issue of infertility and found that the average couple usually takes about 6 months to conceive.  bryce and i had planned on getting pregnant towards the latter half of 2010 and have a baby next spring or summer.  we kind of had the mentality of not trying, but not "not tryng."  did that make sense?

any hoo, for us that wasn't the case:)

on monday, march 15th (the day after our first anniversary), i was late.  okay so by late i mean just a few hours, but this was not normal for me.  i went to target, got some tests and headed back to the house.  bryce was just getting home as i went to take the test...

okay, so directions are take test (you know what this consists of so i'm not going into all that mess) and wait three minutes.  well, little baby thompson was putting off some serious vibes because that test was positive within 15 seconds.  i instantly went numb and had tears in my eyes.  i couldn't believe it.  (which i still don't really understand why because i know how this whole baby thing works!). 

i walked out of the downstairs half bath with the pregnancy test behind my back and bryce instantly looked at me and said "what did you break?"  (now for those of you who don't know me, i seem to break things fairly often, and it's usually things that have major sentimental value ie:  a nolan ryan plate that bryce's grandmom gave him before she passed away, dwayne's grandmother's crystal pitcher...the list goes on)

anyway, so i shove the test in his face and this is how the next ten seconds went:
"no way."
"yes way."
"uh uh."
"uh huh."
"well how accurate is that thing anyway?!?!!!?!!"
"well i don't know!  it was the one on sale!"

i was then instructed to do research on the most accurate pregnancy tests...we went and bought three more.  after the first day, i had taken tree pregnancy tests, and those were followed by one in the next few days.  after six pregnancy tests, we figured they couldn't all be wrong.

we then decided that we wanted to wait until after we went to the doctor just in case (god forbid) something did go wrong with the pregnancy.  but who are we kidding?  we have big fat mouths and can't keep it to ourselves!  we started with our family (brittne and kevin knew first) and then told the rest of the family and our friends this weekend. 

so, there you have it.  god has blessed us with a little bundle of joy who will arrive sometime around thanksgiving:)  we're so super deee duper excited and can't wait to kiss our little nugget!  that's what i'm calling him or her since right now the baby is just a little nugget.  bryce thinks it's silly but right now i'm the boss since baby thompson is cuddled up in my belly and not his :) 

we recorded our parents when we were telling them so we're going to upload those hopefully tomorrow.  i'm going to try to be much better with blogging so i can keep everyone updated on our little blessing!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

perfectly perfect.

what a week it's been at the thompson house...

here are the key player's in this week's happenings for those of you who may not know these people:
  • cole reeder:  bryce's best friend he met through another best friend, tanner
  • wes reeder:  cole's dad who has reeder general construction.  cole and lane (cole's older brother) run the company with wes. 
okay, that's what you need to know to get going, so with that said, here we go...

over the past few months, bryce and i have really been feeling the itch for a change and we were 100% sure it was time to head back to oklahoma and we had begun making plans.  WRONG.  we were so wrong and it is amazing how God truly orchestrates things to take care of his children...

on saturday, bryce went to meet with wes over at their office.  for over a year now, there has always been conversation about how bryce should go work with the reeder's and how it would be a great fit for everyone.  bryce and i both never really took it seriously until saturday when wes and bryce had a serious conversation about the direction and goals of rgc.  after their chat, bryce came home and we both knew this was an amazing opportunity for bryce to join a company he truly respects and to learn so much. we still weren't sure about counting out oklahoma just yet...

after days of praying together and separately, we both had a peace about the decision:  bryce would resign from employment with andres construction and start with reeder and we would stay in fort worth.  God provided both of us the peace to know that it's not time to move back yet, or if ever.  i still feel that one day we will move home, but as for now, our home is fort worth. 

so, anyway on tuesday bryce sent me a text message to call him, which he very rarely does.  it just so happened that i was on my lunch break so i was headed home.  i called him and he told me he was on his way home (which is not out of the ordinary when a construction job is almost finished) and that he would see me in a few minutes.  when he got home, he asked me what i thought about the reeder opportunity and i told him i had a peace about it and i felt that we should do it.  he wanted to confirm that i wasn't just saying that because i knew that's what he wanted, but i was 100% sure that this is what is in God's plan for us.  he then dropped a bombshell on me which would turn out to be one of the first HUGE miracles of our marriage...

bryce was going to be laid of the next day from andres.  yes, you heard me:  LAID OFF. 

my jaw hit the floor and i was absolutely awe-struck.  God had answered our prayers and given us a direct answer to where he wants us to go.  it is absolutely amazing to me that God cleared the way and removed any doubt or fears about taking this job.

it's hard to describe how i feel about all of this because it reminds me how amazing the love of our God is for us.  why we're worthy, i'll never know, but how awesome to be loved and cared for by such an all-powerful, all-knowing God.  there is absolutely no way this is a coincidence.  this is undoubtedly the plan God has for us and we know it is perfectly perfect.  :)

so, to wrap it up, we're staying in fort worth until God reveals his next step.  2010 is going to be an awesome year and i can't wait to tell you all about it.  there's some more things in the works as we speak, but a magician never reveals their secrets...well, okay i will but that's just because i'm a blabber mouth:)

Friday, January 1, 2010

2009: the year in review.

wow.  2009 was a doozie.  full of highs and lows, ups and downs, we made it through probably the most challenging year of our lives to date.

of course, the year started out with getting married after seven years of dating, a fabulous honeymoon to italy and then returning home to move in together.  i'm so glad that we chose not to live together (not only for biblical reasons, etc.) because it was really special to come home from our honeymoon knowing it was the first night as husband and wife in our home.  even though we closed on the house in december of 2008, it was still exciting to come home to OUR house, not just the place bryce bought and lived in that i helped him fix up, but really our home.

during the spring and really up through august, i felt like i couldn't get people out of our house!!!  things were crazy with weddings, traveling, company and who-knows-what-else.  although it was crazy, we enjoyed (almost!) every minute of it:)

throughout the summer, we spent a majority of our time working on the house and i started grad school for deaf education, quickly to learn that i was not called to be an educator.  don't get me wrong, I LOVE working with the deaf population, but my calling is more on the clinical and diagnostic side of things.  after a summer full of classes that had me working what felt like 80 hours a week, we decided that God had been pretty clear in showing me that i need to put my focus elsewhere.  so, with that, we moved on.

at the end of may, bryce moved off of his jobsite at the university of dallas to run his very own project at a private preparatory school in dallas.  this was such a compliment for his boss to give him the responsibility of being in charge of everything on a job, especially since he had been with the company only about a year at this point.  i have never seen someone work as hard as he did and though it was difficult on our relationship, watching him work pretty much seven days a week for three months showed me that his work ethic is second to none and i don't know if i could find anyone who works as hard as he does.  i know he learned so much and was so grateful for the responsibility given to him and for such a learning opportunity. 

in june, diva got super duper sick because of the swiffer wet jet, so i decided the thompson house was going green.  i started a compost, and am a recycling nazi.  seriously.  if you want to read more about this, venture through some of the previous posts.  they're full of moose and diva stories and composting.

after months without a steady income on my part, i started with wells fargo in october.  i work with an amazing group of people and although sometimes i swear that God tests my patience by sending in the dumbest people in the world who have never been to the bank before, i really enjoy the banking atmosphere.  it's very social and fast-paced and it's great to get to know the customers. 

oh and i also had this little lhasa apso walk into the garage one night.  seriously, he just walked in.  bryce named him alexander supertramp and he lived with us for two weeks.  turned out he was 12 years old and was from little rock, arkansas.  the vet i called said that his owner had moved down here to be with family because she was older and couldn't take care of herself anymore.  i was hoping i could sneak by and let him live out his days with us, but no dice.  thankfully, our neighbor becky has a friend that rescues dogs so i gave him to her before bryce made me take him to the pound. 

for christmas, we headed down to peru to see brittne who is a missionary.  we left on christmas eve and although it was so difficult being away from my family for the first time in my life, the trip was such an amazing eye-opening experience.  i will blog more on this later, so that's why i'm cutting this section a little short:)

so in a nutshell, this year was pretty jam-packed.  we experienced the bliss of being newlyweds, but also learned that marriage is not easy.  as a matter of fact, it's hard.  really hard.  we've also learned self control and sacrifice, not only as individuals but as a couple.  it's not easy becoming "one" and that's why we've learned that we have to trust and seek the lord...ACTIVELY seek the lord.  we're not professionals at this by any means, but that's what's so great about a new year.  not only do we gain wisdom with each passing year, but we get a clean slate to start over and make wiser decisions.  we're learning to become less selfish, more focused on us - our marriage, our partnership - and on the "big picture" as bryce likes to remind me on a daily basis. 

we are so thankful for all the blessings we have received this year, but i must say that the trials that 2009 brought may have been the biggest blessings of all.  without them, we would not learn to trust the Lord.  you know, it's kind of like getting your battle scars i guess.  every one has a story and lesson that goes along with it. 

so, what's in store for the thompson's in 2010?  job promotions?  babies?  well, a move for one thing.  as soon as we get the house finished, it's going on the market.  where we're going after we sell?  well we don't know.  maybe down the street.  all we know is that we bought this house with the intent to re-do it and sell it, and we're almost at that point.  that's all we know for sure right now.

stay tuned, for i'm sure it will be another year full of crazy mishaps, tons of stories about moose and diva, eccentric blogging, but most of all, a year full of love, learning and growing.  so, 2010, you are welcomed with open arms:)


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