Friday, January 1, 2010

2009: the year in review.

wow.  2009 was a doozie.  full of highs and lows, ups and downs, we made it through probably the most challenging year of our lives to date.

of course, the year started out with getting married after seven years of dating, a fabulous honeymoon to italy and then returning home to move in together.  i'm so glad that we chose not to live together (not only for biblical reasons, etc.) because it was really special to come home from our honeymoon knowing it was the first night as husband and wife in our home.  even though we closed on the house in december of 2008, it was still exciting to come home to OUR house, not just the place bryce bought and lived in that i helped him fix up, but really our home.

during the spring and really up through august, i felt like i couldn't get people out of our house!!!  things were crazy with weddings, traveling, company and who-knows-what-else.  although it was crazy, we enjoyed (almost!) every minute of it:)

throughout the summer, we spent a majority of our time working on the house and i started grad school for deaf education, quickly to learn that i was not called to be an educator.  don't get me wrong, I LOVE working with the deaf population, but my calling is more on the clinical and diagnostic side of things.  after a summer full of classes that had me working what felt like 80 hours a week, we decided that God had been pretty clear in showing me that i need to put my focus elsewhere.  so, with that, we moved on.

at the end of may, bryce moved off of his jobsite at the university of dallas to run his very own project at a private preparatory school in dallas.  this was such a compliment for his boss to give him the responsibility of being in charge of everything on a job, especially since he had been with the company only about a year at this point.  i have never seen someone work as hard as he did and though it was difficult on our relationship, watching him work pretty much seven days a week for three months showed me that his work ethic is second to none and i don't know if i could find anyone who works as hard as he does.  i know he learned so much and was so grateful for the responsibility given to him and for such a learning opportunity. 

in june, diva got super duper sick because of the swiffer wet jet, so i decided the thompson house was going green.  i started a compost, and am a recycling nazi.  seriously.  if you want to read more about this, venture through some of the previous posts.  they're full of moose and diva stories and composting.

after months without a steady income on my part, i started with wells fargo in october.  i work with an amazing group of people and although sometimes i swear that God tests my patience by sending in the dumbest people in the world who have never been to the bank before, i really enjoy the banking atmosphere.  it's very social and fast-paced and it's great to get to know the customers. 

oh and i also had this little lhasa apso walk into the garage one night.  seriously, he just walked in.  bryce named him alexander supertramp and he lived with us for two weeks.  turned out he was 12 years old and was from little rock, arkansas.  the vet i called said that his owner had moved down here to be with family because she was older and couldn't take care of herself anymore.  i was hoping i could sneak by and let him live out his days with us, but no dice.  thankfully, our neighbor becky has a friend that rescues dogs so i gave him to her before bryce made me take him to the pound. 

for christmas, we headed down to peru to see brittne who is a missionary.  we left on christmas eve and although it was so difficult being away from my family for the first time in my life, the trip was such an amazing eye-opening experience.  i will blog more on this later, so that's why i'm cutting this section a little short:)

so in a nutshell, this year was pretty jam-packed.  we experienced the bliss of being newlyweds, but also learned that marriage is not easy.  as a matter of fact, it's hard.  really hard.  we've also learned self control and sacrifice, not only as individuals but as a couple.  it's not easy becoming "one" and that's why we've learned that we have to trust and seek the lord...ACTIVELY seek the lord.  we're not professionals at this by any means, but that's what's so great about a new year.  not only do we gain wisdom with each passing year, but we get a clean slate to start over and make wiser decisions.  we're learning to become less selfish, more focused on us - our marriage, our partnership - and on the "big picture" as bryce likes to remind me on a daily basis. 

we are so thankful for all the blessings we have received this year, but i must say that the trials that 2009 brought may have been the biggest blessings of all.  without them, we would not learn to trust the Lord.  you know, it's kind of like getting your battle scars i guess.  every one has a story and lesson that goes along with it. 

so, what's in store for the thompson's in 2010?  job promotions?  babies?  well, a move for one thing.  as soon as we get the house finished, it's going on the market.  where we're going after we sell?  well we don't know.  maybe down the street.  all we know is that we bought this house with the intent to re-do it and sell it, and we're almost at that point.  that's all we know for sure right now.

stay tuned, for i'm sure it will be another year full of crazy mishaps, tons of stories about moose and diva, eccentric blogging, but most of all, a year full of love, learning and growing.  so, 2010, you are welcomed with open arms:)

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