Thursday, January 28, 2010

perfectly perfect.

what a week it's been at the thompson house...

here are the key player's in this week's happenings for those of you who may not know these people:
  • cole reeder:  bryce's best friend he met through another best friend, tanner
  • wes reeder:  cole's dad who has reeder general construction.  cole and lane (cole's older brother) run the company with wes. 
okay, that's what you need to know to get going, so with that said, here we go...

over the past few months, bryce and i have really been feeling the itch for a change and we were 100% sure it was time to head back to oklahoma and we had begun making plans.  WRONG.  we were so wrong and it is amazing how God truly orchestrates things to take care of his children...

on saturday, bryce went to meet with wes over at their office.  for over a year now, there has always been conversation about how bryce should go work with the reeder's and how it would be a great fit for everyone.  bryce and i both never really took it seriously until saturday when wes and bryce had a serious conversation about the direction and goals of rgc.  after their chat, bryce came home and we both knew this was an amazing opportunity for bryce to join a company he truly respects and to learn so much. we still weren't sure about counting out oklahoma just yet...

after days of praying together and separately, we both had a peace about the decision:  bryce would resign from employment with andres construction and start with reeder and we would stay in fort worth.  God provided both of us the peace to know that it's not time to move back yet, or if ever.  i still feel that one day we will move home, but as for now, our home is fort worth. 

so, anyway on tuesday bryce sent me a text message to call him, which he very rarely does.  it just so happened that i was on my lunch break so i was headed home.  i called him and he told me he was on his way home (which is not out of the ordinary when a construction job is almost finished) and that he would see me in a few minutes.  when he got home, he asked me what i thought about the reeder opportunity and i told him i had a peace about it and i felt that we should do it.  he wanted to confirm that i wasn't just saying that because i knew that's what he wanted, but i was 100% sure that this is what is in God's plan for us.  he then dropped a bombshell on me which would turn out to be one of the first HUGE miracles of our marriage...

bryce was going to be laid of the next day from andres.  yes, you heard me:  LAID OFF. 

my jaw hit the floor and i was absolutely awe-struck.  God had answered our prayers and given us a direct answer to where he wants us to go.  it is absolutely amazing to me that God cleared the way and removed any doubt or fears about taking this job.

it's hard to describe how i feel about all of this because it reminds me how amazing the love of our God is for us.  why we're worthy, i'll never know, but how awesome to be loved and cared for by such an all-powerful, all-knowing God.  there is absolutely no way this is a coincidence.  this is undoubtedly the plan God has for us and we know it is perfectly perfect.  :)

so, to wrap it up, we're staying in fort worth until God reveals his next step.  2010 is going to be an awesome year and i can't wait to tell you all about it.  there's some more things in the works as we speak, but a magician never reveals their secrets...well, okay i will but that's just because i'm a blabber mouth:)


  1. I am so overwhelmed with emotions. God always amazes me but I am not surprise to see how He works anymore, I have seen it too many times. However, it blesses my heart beyond words that my son and my special daughter in-law are getting to see God work and they recognize it. God is always working but it takes God focused eyes to see it! What a great foundtion to build from for the rest of your married days. God's path is always perfect and full of blessing, all we have to do is to make sure you are walking on His path and not the path of the world.
    I love you both!!!

  2. I have enjoyed getting to know you both over the past year. I wish you both nothing but the best and I know that Bryce will succeed in work and in life. You guys stay in touch even if it is only via the blogosphere...

    Take care and best of luck.



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