Monday, April 5, 2010


i have definitely been neglecting the here i am for redemption and i'm thinking this post will be just the thing:)

we've had a very busy (and secretive!) past three weeks...

at the begining of the year, bryce and i began talking about when we would start our family.  my big thing is that i want to have two or three children and be done by the time i'm 30, so we started at my 30th birthday and worked backwards based on our ideal situation.  needless to say the saying "the best way to make god laugh is to tell him your plans"  is absolutely true!

i had began researching the whole issue of infertility and found that the average couple usually takes about 6 months to conceive.  bryce and i had planned on getting pregnant towards the latter half of 2010 and have a baby next spring or summer.  we kind of had the mentality of not trying, but not "not tryng."  did that make sense?

any hoo, for us that wasn't the case:)

on monday, march 15th (the day after our first anniversary), i was late.  okay so by late i mean just a few hours, but this was not normal for me.  i went to target, got some tests and headed back to the house.  bryce was just getting home as i went to take the test...

okay, so directions are take test (you know what this consists of so i'm not going into all that mess) and wait three minutes.  well, little baby thompson was putting off some serious vibes because that test was positive within 15 seconds.  i instantly went numb and had tears in my eyes.  i couldn't believe it.  (which i still don't really understand why because i know how this whole baby thing works!). 

i walked out of the downstairs half bath with the pregnancy test behind my back and bryce instantly looked at me and said "what did you break?"  (now for those of you who don't know me, i seem to break things fairly often, and it's usually things that have major sentimental value ie:  a nolan ryan plate that bryce's grandmom gave him before she passed away, dwayne's grandmother's crystal pitcher...the list goes on)

anyway, so i shove the test in his face and this is how the next ten seconds went:
"no way."
"yes way."
"uh uh."
"uh huh."
"well how accurate is that thing anyway?!?!!!?!!"
"well i don't know!  it was the one on sale!"

i was then instructed to do research on the most accurate pregnancy tests...we went and bought three more.  after the first day, i had taken tree pregnancy tests, and those were followed by one in the next few days.  after six pregnancy tests, we figured they couldn't all be wrong.

we then decided that we wanted to wait until after we went to the doctor just in case (god forbid) something did go wrong with the pregnancy.  but who are we kidding?  we have big fat mouths and can't keep it to ourselves!  we started with our family (brittne and kevin knew first) and then told the rest of the family and our friends this weekend. 

so, there you have it.  god has blessed us with a little bundle of joy who will arrive sometime around thanksgiving:)  we're so super deee duper excited and can't wait to kiss our little nugget!  that's what i'm calling him or her since right now the baby is just a little nugget.  bryce thinks it's silly but right now i'm the boss since baby thompson is cuddled up in my belly and not his :) 

we recorded our parents when we were telling them so we're going to upload those hopefully tomorrow.  i'm going to try to be much better with blogging so i can keep everyone updated on our little blessing!

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