Tuesday, April 13, 2010

start spreading the news!

okay, so i know some of you have seen the picture of bryce in the big yellow chicken suit...so here's the explanation.

we knew we wanted to tell our family in a very special way and after three weeks of knowing, we could hardly keep our traps shut!  we had originally planned to wait until after our first doctors appointment (just in case something was wrong) but we were so excited we had to get it out!  the original plan for easter was that my mom was going to come down, but we decided to go home instead.  plus, easter was a great cover up. 

so let's go back about 26 years...

when tonya found out she was pregnant with bryce, she hired a singing telegram to come to their house and tell dwayne.  much to her surprise, a big yellow chicken showed up with pink and blue balloons.  when she got pregnant with brittne, she gave dwayne a stuffed yellow chicken and he instantly knew what was going on.  so, with that being said and an on-going family joke, we rented a chicken suit. 

we got to tonya and dwayne's about 9:30 after stopping to pick up the chicken suit from mike turner (who so graciously picked up this humongous thing) and i went in first to get the iPhone ready for recording.  after a few minutes, bryce walked in donning full chicken garb.  big red feet and all.  dwayne instantly knew and it took tonya about a minute to figure it out; unknown to us, they had a conversation about two hours earlier about how stupid that big yellow chicken was!  she thought they were playing a joke on her and then she finally figured it out!

we then went over to tell nanny and i made all the great-grands onesies that said "i love my ____"  (fill in their name).

the next morning, we went to tell my mom.  my mom is all about goodie baskets and little treats so i made her an easter basket full of baby stuff and a grandma frame.  we walked in and i handed it to her and she dropped it and instantly started ugly faced crying (sorry mom, but you did).  it was perfect!

we then proceeded to tell the rest of the family and every one was equally excited!  we had a family cookout on saturday night at dwayne and tonya's and everyone had to pick a pink or blue plate based off of what they wanted.  quite a few people took both for twins (which i am relieved to say that's not the case!). 

we won't know if we'll be buying pink or blue until the baby gets here because we've decided to wait.  well actually, bryce wants to and i don't but we made a compromise:  since he's mr.  fix it and all that stuff, we made the deal that if we wait to find out (which he REEEEEEALLY wants) the second the baby is born he'll be on the phone with painters and other construction guys to get the nursery perfect by the time we get home.  i figured that was fair:)

so anyway, there you have it.  hopefully soon i'll be able to post the videos:) 

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  1. Awwww so exciting that you are waiting to find out! My brother did that with his first one and it was so much fun.



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