Wednesday, June 30, 2010

bun in the oven.

okay, okay, so as usual, i've been slacking on the blogging...anway, let's get on with it. 

i would like to start out by saying that being pregnant is amazing.  amazing in great ways, and amazing in not-so-great ways.  i sometimes still find myself in awe of the fact that God has blessed us to be the parents of one of his miracles.  i totally understand now what my mom always told me:  "you won't understand what true love is until you have a baby of your own."  thanks mom for being just you, for being my mom.  being pregnant and on the verge of becoming a mommy myself takes life to a whole different level. 

alright so there was my emotional, hormonal prego side coming out...but here's the real story for this one:  i haven't told you anything about doctors appointments #2 and #3.  i had no idea what to expect seeing as how we don't have another sonogram until july, so besides being weighed (eeeeeek!) and peeing in a cup, everything was a mystery.

so, we show up, get weighed, pee in the cup and head into the exam room.  well "WE" didn't get weighed or pee in the cup...just me.  they really have no use for bryce's weight or pee.  (which the weight tracking for the daddy-to-be could be interesting...but that's beside the point.)  dr.  walters came in and as usual, was super cheerful and just all around fabulous.  i just love her to pieces.  she asked me how i was feeling, any weird things going on (i'll leave those of you who have never experienced pregnancy living in ignorance and those of you who have know the questions...) and then told me to lay down.  she put some gel on my stomach and put this little microphone on my stomach.  the most amazing sound i have ever heard in my whole entire life filled the room.  there it was, clear as day, this precious, little, super-speed heartbeat just thumping away.  170 beats per minute.  much like with the sonogram, i sat dumb founded with my mouth open, only this time i was staring at bryce, not the screen:)

doctors appointment number three was pretty much the same thing.  this time, baby t's heart rate was 158.  once again, we got another fantastic report. 

alright, so after much debating (mostly with myself) i have decided to put up some belly pics.  i had originally decided not to do this because right now i just feel like a huge fatty who's been chowing down the french fries.  (which, just so you know i haven't.  that was the first trimester thank-you-very-much.) well that and i think it's kind of weird to post pictures of myself with my shirt pulled up, belly hanging out.  i will say though that i find it way less creepy now that i can actually feel the little squirt moving around in his/her baby condo.  it's a constant reminder that we really are having a baby versus me just turning into a fatty. 

so, here you go.  for all of you who haven't been receiving the emails, i will now introduce you to my little bun in the oven baby bump.  yes, i am wearing the same clothes.  yes, it's in the exact same spot and YES I JUST WOKE UP.  no comments about the flannel pj pants (kuchel, this means you!) and back off the sleepy face...i haven't slept through the night once in the past 19 weeks.  i always have to pee.  ugh. 

alright, here's baby t's camp site at 15 weeks:

and here we are at 19 weeks: 

so, world, there you have it.  i have officially joined the cult of crazies that feel it's acceptable to put naked bellies on the internet for complete strangers to enjoy.  i can't even imagine what i'll post once the baby gets here.  my poor children are going to be so embarrased by their mother. 


  1. I love when you blog. Pure entertainment. I am so excited for you and Bryce! And I agree, I don't know if I will ever post pics of my growing, bare belly when the time comes but I sure enjoyed seeing yours :)

  2. Your beautiful!!! Sleepy face, flannel PJ's and all.



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