Sunday, July 11, 2010

turtle or hamburger?

a few weeks ago, an ultrasound tech came into the bank.  we were talking about babies and i told him that my husband didn't want to find out the sex of our baby, but i did.  he told me that if our baby is a boy, the - ahem - "business" will look like a turtle.  if our baby is a little girl, we'd be looking at a hamburger.  interesting...

ever since we found out we were having a baby, i wanted to know what we were having.  bryce didn't.  i kept bugging him about finding out (and even though he won't admit this) i had just given up a few weeks ago and accepted that we were just going to have to wait.  so, i dropped it.  well, let's be honest...not completely, but for the most part:) 

at the last doctor's appointment, we told them to make sure they put in our file that we didn't want to find out the gender.  so, last week when bryce told me this i was surprised:  he said that we could have them put what we were having in an envelope and seal it, that way if we changed our mind, we had the option to find out.  i really couldn't believe it and to be honest, i thought he was just messing with me.  but sure enough, he was serious.

so, friday was our fourth doctor's appointment.  we were both super duper excited because we knew this sonogram would show a lot more than just a little baby nugget:)  before the appointment, we went to the nesting place, which is where we're going to take our birthing classes.  we decided that we're going to take a little smorgas board class that includes not only labor and delivery, but breast feeding and basically babies 101.  i was asking bryce if we wanted to do classes during the week or on saturdays and he so lovingly replied, "well i don't have to go to that breastfeeding crap do i?  i mean that has nothing to do with me."  thanks bryce.  his delivery is so charming sometimes.  not that i blame him though...i can see why he thinks he doesn't need to know about breast feeding.  i then reminded him that although it won't be him that's turning into the milk bank, he will be part of the support team, so tough crap.  he's going:)

we arrived for our 1:30 appointment at 1:10 because bryce had the third annual "the golf tournament" this weekend, so we had to scoot so he could get on to debauchery and gambling with the boys.  at 1:55, after bryce griping at me to go see what the problem was, the ultrasound technician called us back.  she was fabulous!  not that i expect anything less from our doctor's office.  i just love that place. 

anyway, we went back and i hopped up on the table.  i had my dress up before she even turned around...let's get this show on the road!!  i was ready to see our baby!  since the last time we were there, the office had put up a flat screen tv on the wall right in front of the table so the mommies can see it on the big screen.  and there the baby was, squirming around all over the tv.  i swear i fall in love with this baby more and more every single day. 

well, this little squirt is hyper-active, just like mom and dad.  i mean would we really expect anything less??  the girl spent quite a bit of time chasing the baby around to get measurements, etc.  the baby was waving his/her arms and smacking his/her lips. i think the reason the baby was so squirmy was because he/she was trying to get away from the probe. i mean i can't say that i wouldn't be like quit chasing me with that dang thing and let me sleep!!

we told her that we wanted them to put the gender in a sealed envelope, so she told us to look away so we wouldn't see it.  so we did.  bryce kept telling me not to peek.  yes, i know, i'm a cheater...and if he wouldn't have been staring right at me, i would've looked.  for all of you who say you wouldn't, i don't want to hear it.  i'm weak, so shoot me:)

afterwards, we went into the exam room to do our follow up with dr. walters.  she said everything looked perfect with the baby, but my -eeeek, bryce hates this word- placenta is sitting low, right on top of my cervix so we'll have to have another sonogram in a few weeks to make sure it moves.  it's not a big deal, but it could cause delivery to be tricky.  as far as i'm concerned, that just means more pictures of our baby:)

okay, so on the way home, we talked about how we were going to open the envelope.  i think after bryce saw the baby on the screen, he realized that he wanted to "know" the baby.  it sounds strange, but it kind of was like there is a stranger living with us.  so anyway, i wanted to take the results to a bakery and have a little cake made for just the two of us and have a special date night.  he was so not into that.  actually, the tables had turned.  bryce wanted to open the envelope right there in the car and i was FREAKING out.  i was so nervous i could hardly stand it.  after freaking out the entire way home, we decided we would just open it and that way bryce could have all weekend to ponder some names for the baby.  so, we stopped by jc penney real quick to pick up some flip flops and then headed home. 

we pulled up in the driveway and sat there for a few minutes.  i handed bryce the envelope because i was such a nervous wreck there was no way that i would be physically able to open that thing.  so, he opened it.  "i knew it!  i knew it!  i was right!"  bryce was screaming.  i started screaming "tell me!  tell me!!"  i wish we could've videoed it because i'm sure it was hysterical.  so, he never actually told me, he just handed me the picture...

HAMBURGER!  the thompson's will be welcoming a baby girl:)  from the beginning, bryce had said girl and i had some creepily vivid dreams a few weeks ago about bringing home a little girl, so i think we both knew that we were having a girl.  now, yes, i realize it's easy to say that now that we know for sure, but i'm telling you those dreams were crazy!! 

so, there you have it world, bryce finally gave in to the persistence of his wife (which is not totally true, but if he wants to use me as the scape goat, that's fine) and we now know that we'll be bringing home a little girl this november.  i wish that i had the entire day on tape.  this baby has made me fall so much more in love with my husband.  seeing his face when he saw the picture made me melt.  he is going to be the best father and seeing how excited he is about loving our baby girl just makes my love for him grow even more.  i just love that guy:)

okay, so here's the first booty shot of baby girl thompson: 

waving to mom and dad!

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