Saturday, September 11, 2010


well hello, blog.  nice to see you again. 

since my last posting, there has been quite a lot going on in the thompson house!!  we had our fifth and sixth doctor's appointments, started the nursery, started baby classes and i started a new job!  this post is about the appointments so i can keep it to a manageable size and, well, blah, blah, blah about the new job...nobody cares about that, right??  :) 

doctor's appointment number five was the ever-exciting glucose tolerance test.  basically, i got to chug the delicious flat-sunkist-like orange drink and wait an hour to go get pricked.  at this point, i had only gained 12 pounds!  woo hoo!!!  baby girl's heart rate was right around 150 and let me tell ya, this kid DOES NOT like to be messed with.  she will scoot away from the doppler and when we finally catch her, she'll kick it.  not that i blame her though...i mean she's roasty toasty comfortable in there and i'd want to be left alone too:) 

so a few days later we got the results from the tests.  every thing looked perfect except my iron was a little low.  they like for it to be at 12 and mine was at 10.9...not surprising since EVERY time i try to donate blood my iron is low.  so anyway, i'm now enjoying  the addition of an iron supplement to my daily pill-popping routine.  for those of you who know anything about iron, you know that my level of sarcasm is at an all-time high right now. 

doctor's appointment number six was one we were really looking forward to - we had another sonogram!  if you remember, a few months ago, they told me that my placenta was low-lying, so we'd need to do another sonogram in a few months to assess the situation.  once again, God is totally blessing us, this pregnancy and this baby!!!  my placenta had moved so far up that we don't have to worry about it anymore!  whew!  once again, baby girl was PISSED about being chased around with the doppler.  she was kicking the dang thing.  seriously.  you could see her doing it on the screen.  this sonogram brought around a few different emotions for me...our baby is getting so big!  i am so excited to smooch her little face, but it made me realize how quickly our time with her is going to go, so i'm trying to enjoy every single second i have with her before i have to share:)

after the sonogram, i got to do the normal activities...get weighed, pee in a know, all the fun things.  well, much to the entertainment of my husband, i got to kiss that 12 pounds LONG GONE.  hello 20 pounds, you sure snuck up on me quick.  anyway, besides the annoying 20 pounds that are now sitting on top of my short little legs (that i feel could rival the great redwoods), everything is great.  my belly is measuring one centimeter ahead, but that's no big deal. 

so, as usual, we are very thankful for a fantastic report from the doctor and so pleased our baby girl is enjoying her time in mommy's belly.  although i do have to admit november can't get here soon enough:) 

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