Monday, November 22, 2010

let's get to the good stuff!

okay so i had this grand idea of updating on all the doctor's appointments post-appointment six...but i can't remember the order of sequence regarding things, so i'll just get on with the good stuff:)

okay, our 38 week appointment was november 5th.  bryce picked me up from work as usual and we headed to the doctor.  at this point, i was basically making deals with the devil to GET THIS CHILD OUT.  i didn't care how it happened, i just wanted her out.  i had crossed over into the land of miserable pregnant women:  swollen, waddling, peeing my pants anytime i sneezed (or laughed...or coughed...) and not to mention the heartburn.  good lord almighty i'm pretty sure i single-handedly kept pepcid in business this year.

well anyway, dr. walters came in to the exam room and i was bartering with her - bryce could fix up her house.  i would babysit her kids, cook, clean...basically whatever i needed to do to have this baby.  unfortunately, i was only dilated to 1.5 centimeters, so i headed out of the doctor's office with the realization that i was probably going to give birth to a kindergartner.  ugh.

that night, bryce and kevin (my cousin who lives down the street) decided they wanted to go bowling to celebrate kevin's new job.  i decided to stay home and have a relaxing evening: bath time and snuggling with the dogs.  exciting, i know.

about 11 p.m. i went to turn off the television.  well as all pregnant women know, it's not abnormal to pee your pants when you go to hoist your alien-like body out of the bed and that's exactly what happened - so i thought.  i was pissed (no pun intended) as i rolled out of bed because i had JUST gone to the bathroom!  i waddled into the bathroom and it didn't take long for me to realize it may be a little something more than just your normal pregnancy potty issue. 

i called frantically called bryce and told him i was pretty sure my water just broke.  "what do you mean your water just broke?"  "well, bryce i don't know any other way to say that."  he then asked if he needed to come home which i so calmly responded, "HELL YES, GET YOUR BUTT HOME!" 

when they arrived, kevin was cheering "we're going to have a baby!!"  bryce was super calm, basically thinking i was a nut case and i was freaking out trying to decide if i really was in labor or if i was imagining things.  bryce so sweetly reminded me (insert sarcasm text here) that there are two reasons pregnant women go to the hospital:  contractions 3-5 minutes apart and/or a big gush of fluid.  well, my big gush of fluid wasn't so big, but i figured we should go anyway just in case.  good thing we did...

as we pull out of the house, kevin asked where he was going and we told him to just head to cabela's.  "where is cabela's?!!?"  he had obviously started to panic...

for those of you who don't know, to get to the highway you pull out of our house and go down the street and turn left, followed by a right turn and you'll eventually run into i-35 to head north to cabela's and the hospital.  so, we pull out and kevin turns right.  "where are you going??!!!" bryce and i both screamed at him..."i don't know!"  still in panic mode i suppose...

halfway to the hospital, kevin asked bryce why he wasn't in the backseat with his wife.  well, it never really donned on either of us that the daddy-to-be should be sitting in the backseat with the mommy-to-be.  bryce crawled into the backseat with me and asked if i was having contractions...still no at this point.

when we go to the hospital, we pulled into the emergency room entrance since it was midnight and all the other entrances were closed.  bryce went ahead and ran in to get a wheel chair, check in, etc.  any doubt i had about my water breaking was put to rest the moment i got out of the car.  my original little trickle had now turned into a full-on gush.  i know kevin was glad that happened after i got out of his car:)

bryce rolled me in and the nurse escorted us up to labor and delivery.  the nurse told me to go into the bathroom and change into the oh-so-stylish hospital gown.  the moment i stood up out of the wheel chair, the full-on gush had turned into niagara falls.  i swear i had to have lost ten pounds at this point. 

after i changed, the nurse checked and we were already dilated to almost a five...up from a 1.5 that dr. walters had told us a mere eight hours earlier.  needless to say, we knew we were having our baby!!  we called our parents and they headed down from oklahoma at 1 o'clock in the morning:)

okay well that's a long enough post for now.  i'll blog about the rest fingers are cramping:) 


  1. Love it! Your honesty is brilliantly funny! Can you believe you have your very own birth story to tell! LOVE YOU! Missy

  2. Love it! You are a true journalist. You should write screen plays for a sitcom with your whitty humor and cunning way of keeping people leaning on the edge of their seats in suspense, hanging on your every word wondering when the next blog will come. Pure



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