Friday, December 31, 2010


okay, so here's the rundown of where i left you last time:  thought my water broke.  called bryce, said come home now.  drove to hospital.  water broke.  and broke.  and now you're caught up:)

after the nurse had confirmed my water broke and told us i was dilated to almost a five, they moved us into our labor & delivery room where i was hooked up to the monitors.  at this point, i still wasn't really having any contractions, so i was thinking i was going to be one of those imaginary women who would give birth to a baby who basically crawled out.  you know, no sweating, grunting, full-makeup, hair done...wishful thinking!!  as the contractions started, i was able to breathe through them for the most part.  bryce was trying so hard to be a good coach like we learned in class, but we both soon learned that his coaching really did nothing but piss me off.  he kept saying "focus on me" and it was all i could do to not punch him square in the face.  luckily, we made it through with just one little spat of "seriously, don't!"

as the contractions increased, my body began convulsing.  it was the strangest thing because i couldn't stop my body from shaking.  the nurse said it was a natural reaction, almost like being in shock after a car accident or something traumatic; my body was basically dealing with the pain by shaking.  ANNOYING.  i had gone in with the mind set that i really wanted to try to deliver naturally, but i soon realized that wasn't going to happen.  about 2:30 a.m. the nurse put a drip of some pain meds into the iv and that helped for a little while.  after about an hour of the drip, the drowsiness quickly wore off and gave way to intense pain and the shaking continued.  since i wasn't able to use the time in between contractions to rest because of the constant shaking, i put in the call for the heavy artillery.  the epidural.

about 4:45, about four hours after we got to the hospital, sweet relief arrived.  his name was dr.  fox and if i could've kissed him on the mouth i would have.  side note:  for those of you who have never had an epidural, i have to admit i giggle when asked if it hurt.  yes, it is a big ass needle.  yes, it is inserted into a spinal cavity.  but does it hurt?  well, compared to what?!  in comparison to the "heaven-has-unleashed-all-its-fury-and-has-manifested-itself-in-my-stomach" pain of contractions, no. 

so, after about 15 minutes, the epidural kicked in and we were both able to get some sleep which was welcomed with open arms since we had both been up since about 6:30 a.m. the previous morning.  now i have no prior experience with an epidural, but i have to say i was pretty impressed with dr.  fox's fancy work:  my mid-section was completely numb, but i still had (limited, of course) use of my legs.  if i needed to push up in the bed or readjust, i was able to. 

at this point, our parents had shown up and each one had the opportunity to come in, say hi and pray with us.  kevin had been holding down the waiting room, even though we kept telling him to go home and get some rest.  such a good cousin:) 

i only got about an hour and a half of sleep and about 7:45 i decided to just give up on it.  i kind of felt like a little kid the night before their first day of school and the anticipation of seeing our baby kept me awake.  before i knew it, i started feeling the urge to push.  about 8:30 a.m.  i started pushing and the baby was slowly working her way down.  my nurse, cathy (who was aahhh mazing) told me that the baby's head was having a tough time dropping down through the pubic bone, so she had me lay on my side with my leg propped up to try and help baby b get on outta' there...  okay, another side note:  when bryce was born, his head was too big to pass through the birth canal.  i think tonya pushed for like 2 1/2 hours or so before they decided it wasn't going to happen and she had a c-section.  at this point, i turned to bryce and told him i was going to punch him in the throat if this baby's head didn't fit through...

lucky for bryce, the rolling around on the bed and laying on my sides gave baby b enough room to pass on through.  the nurse asked if i would like a mirror so i could see what was going on and i'm really glad i agreed to that:  it made my pushing way more productive because i could see what was working.  we pushed a few more times and then called for the doctor.  my doctor wasn't on call that weekend, so i was kind of disappointed about that, but all the doctors in the practice are fantastic, so that disappointment quickly subsided.  cathy told me that with the next contractions, i needed to try to breathe through them and not push because we had to wait on dr.  cope. 

at 9:23 a.m. our sweet baby girl made her debut.  they put her directly on my chest and her daddy cut the cord.  they then took her and cleaned her up, measured her and weighed her.  8 pounds 5 ounces.  i couldn't believe it.  praise GOD she was two 1/2 weeks early.  it makes me shutter when i think of how big she could've been if she would've hung out a little longer. 

we left the l & d room and headed to the maternity ward about noon and were met by our parents and kevin (who at this point had been at the hospital for twelve hours, apparently enduring a night in the waiting room with "that guy" who wanted to talk and be his bff). 

so, there you have it.  that's how brice elisabeth thompson got out of her cozy, little home and into mommy and daddy's arms...and golley geez we're sure glad she's here:)

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