Monday, February 7, 2011

blow. OUT.

aah, the never ending joys of parenthood...

as the whole entire world knows, most of the country was frozen in last week.  the roads were awful and there was NO way i was going to venture out in that mess, so i was locked in the house for 4 1/2 days.  talk about cabin fever!

on saturday once fort worth began to thaw out, bryce went to work and he told me when he got back that we'd get cleaned up and he'd take me out for dinner.  so, we got ready, fed the baby with the intent of her sleeping through the whole meal and headed out.  we should've known things wouldn't go as smoothly as we'd hoped...

we headed down into town and she was totally passed out.  "aaah, we're going to get lucky on this one," we thought.  yeah right.  as we walked into the restaurant, b woke up.  now bryce is totally paranoid about being "those people with a baby" in ANY public place, so i went ahead and made a bottle so we were prepared.  we ordered a bottle of wine and decided on what we were going to eat and she started to squirm and talk a little bit, but i didn't really think anything of it.  the louder she got, i decided to go ahead and give her a bottle to try and get her back to sleep.  she didn't want anything to do with it.  after a few grunts and screams, i went ahead and got her out of her car seat right as our food was arriving at our table...

as i pulled her out, i realized her right pant leg was wet.  my first thought was i spilt something on her, but then i realized that i was dry.  great.  she's peed herself.  awesome.  as i realized how wet her pants were, i figured i better take her to the bathroom to put on a new diaper.  so i left my new found favorite bottle of wine and napoli style pizza to take the little chunk to clean up her changing table.  awesome.  so, i pull out my changing pad and put it on the chair that's in the bathroom.  i laid her down and pulled her pants off.  much to my dismay, no pee...all poop.  everywhere.  it had come out the right side of her diaper, from her belly button to her ankle.  all over her clothes.  and now, all over the changing pad.  awesome. 

usually i always pack a clean outfit, but i knew she had just eaten and we were going to the restaurant and straight home, so i figured we'd be okay.  well, i learned my lesson on that one.  so, i grabbed some wipes and just started to get to work.  no dice.  at this point, the only thing that's going to fix this problem is a bath...or a hose...or a 12 cycle car wash.  i tried to rinse her off in the sink in the bathroom, but something was wrong with their water heater and the water was cold.  double awesome. 

i finally decided to just give up, get her as clean as i could and get her back in her car seat so we could somewhat salvage any part of our dinner.  when i got back to the table,  i informed my better half the blow out i had endured in the bathroom.  immediately, he asks for the ticket and starts reminding me how imperative it is we get out of there asap.  he let her sit on his lap so i could shovel down some food, paid and high tailed it out of there.  we headed straight to the car that would soon be filled with a lovely aroma of "baby."  yuck. 

when we got home, we went straight to her room and took off her crap covered clothes.  apparently the lighting in the bathroom was a lot worse than i thought because she was still covered in it.  yuck, yuck, YUCK.  we headed to the tub and that's when i noticed it...i was the second thompson girl covered in poop.  awesome. 

what a lovely little experience to remind us that we really ARE parents...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2010: the cliff's notes edition.

well now that we're a month into 2011, i figured it would be a great time to do our year end wrap up for 2010...sheesh. 

we decided on january 1st of 2010, that it was going to be "the year of the thompson's."  cheesy, yes...but it turned out to be a pretty awesome year.

in january, we started really feeling the itch that it was time for a change.  we weren't sure at first what it was, but we knew it involved bryce's job.  at the end of january, we received one of the biggest (and clearest!) blessings from God:  bryce was given the opportunity to go to work at reeder general contractors with our "texas family." (that's what we call the reeders because, well, we love them like family!)  it was absolutely without-a-doubt in God's plan for us because the day we both decided that bryce should join rgc, we found out he was being laid off from his employer at the time.  so on february 1st, 2010, we jumped on board with reeder and haven't looked back.  it has been such an amazing experience for both of us:  bryce gets to work with some awesome people and it has brought our families even closer.  bryce and i always giggle because we're usually the only non-blood-relatives at all the reeder family functions:)  it has also been an amazing learning experience for bryce and he (unlike a majority of the working world) actually enjoys going to work everyday.

in march, we celebrated our one year anniversary.  we spent the entire weekend eating and drinking our way through fort worth.  i still have trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that bryce and i have been together for almost nine years.  on monday, march 15th, the day after our anniversary, we hit another milestone together:  we found out we were pregnant.  i will never forget the moment i saw the positive test.  it was almost an out-of-body experience.  i told bryce in the worst possible way because i was in shock:  shoving the positive test in his face.  for the next few days, we sat around dumbfounded that we were going to be parents.  wow. 

in april, we started spreading the news of our little nugget.  if you want to read about how we told our parents, it's in some of the old blog postings. 

the summer brought on a growing baby bump and preparation for nugget's arrival.  we had decided we weren't going to learn the gender of our baby (and by we, i mean i wanted to know and bryce didn't), but quickly learned the bigger my belly got, the more we wanted to know.  so in july, we opened up our manila envelope in our driveway to find out we were going to be bringing home a little girl come november.

august brought on super miserable texas heat and brought brittne (bryce's sister) home from her time as a missionary in peru.  it was so great having her home where we could actually just call her up and talk to her! 

the texas rangers made a push into the playoffs, and our house was filled with ranger fever.  bryce and kevin dang near put life on hold for every game.  our households were in a state of mourning for quite some time after the loss of the world series.  we were finally able to piece our broken hearts back together to focus on OU football. 

in november,  nugget made her debut.  two and a half weeks early, brice elisabeth thompson decided it was time to come on out and join the party.  i cannot even begin to describe the pure joy this little, bitty (well, respectively seeing as how the little chunk weighed 8 pounds, 5 ounces) person has brought to our lives and our home.  i always knew i would love my children, but i don't even think love is a strong enough word.  she absolutely melts my heart every time i look at her sweet face.  when she smiles at me, i am completely in awe of how amazing she is.  it's true, she is "fearfully and wonderfully made" (psalm 139:14) and i will never be able to thank God enough for letting us be her mom and dad.  not only has she brought me the joy of being a mother, she has strengthened our marriage.  my love for my husband is deeper and richer than ever before.  we have learned what it really means to be a team.  he is my partner, my best friend, my support and the love of my life.  bryce is such an amazing father and i cannot describe the pure joy i have when watching him with his little girl.  before we had brice, it was hard for me to wrap my mind around what being parents would be like.  now that she's here with us, i can't imagine our lives without her. 

the holidays were especially exciting this year since we had our new addition with us.  we went home for thanksgiving, but quickly learned that traveling is a completely different ball game with a little one in tow.  for christmas, we made our families come to us and i have to admit it was awesome.  not only did we get to spend time with our family, but we got to stay on our normal routine with b so we weren't exhausted/stressed out like we were at thanksgiving. 

as it turns out, 2010 was a pretty awesome year for the thompson family.  we are blessed beyond measure and are so thankful we have a loving God that gives us more than we need or deserve.  we are surrounded by friends and family who make our world go round and we are so glad we had another year to spend with you all. 

we are so excited for what 2011 will bring, so stay tuned...


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