Friday, July 29, 2011

w. t. f.

What's The Fluff?  Well, I'll tell ya'...

Not long after I found out I was pregnant, I really became interested in cloth diapering.  To be honest, I really can't even remember how the interest (which quickly turned into an obsession) started.  I read, and read...and READ.  The more I learned, the more I wanted to CD our baby. 

SO YOU'RE TELLING ME YOU HAVE TO CLEAN OUT THE POO?  THAT IS NASTY.  If I heard it once, I heard it a thousand times.  Yes, you do shake the business into the porcelain throne, but cloth diapering is NOT what it used to be.  Trust me.  I do not have one single diaper that requires me to pin or wrap B up like a pig in a blanket.  AND I don't have to touch anything...hold up an end and plop into the pot. 

I finally hit the breaking point when B had terrible diaper rash for over a month and although it had healed, it never completely went away.  I knew she was hurting and cloth diapers were the ONLY thing I hadn't tried yet.  So, when Mom was down a few weeks ago, we went to Baby Rear Gear in Arlington and got a crash course in cloth diapering from Elise (who, btw, is AMAZING!). 

We got a few different kinds:  Knicker Nappies, Happy Heinys, Gro-Via (FAVORITE!), Bum GeniusTiny Tush and Fuzzi Bunz (OTHER FAVORITE!) as Elise suggested to get a variety to figure out what I like and what works best for B.  (There are also a TON of work-at-home-mom's that make CD's and you can find them on Etsy.) 

here's my little wild thing in her happy heiny's:)

So, why cloth diaper your baby?  Here are my top reasons:
  1. It promotes faster potty training.  The kiddos can feel they're wet and begin to make the correlation sooner. 
  2.  No chemicals on baby's bottom and they can "breathe."  The microfiber lining has wicking properties pulling moisture away from their tush while letting air in.
  3. Cost!  Initially, it is more to get started, but think about this:  the average child is potty trained between 18-36 months and with disposables, that is an average of $3500.  (I can't remember the site I found this on, so sorry for the lack of credit here..)  Are you going to have multiple children?  Yeah, think about that.  I have to admit it is super liberating to know that I will be able to use these diapers for the rest of our kiddos and not spend that money. 
  4. Eco-friendly.  Do you know how long it takes for a diaper to decompose in our land fills?  Like a bajillion years.  Okay, not really, but let's just say that in our lifetime we wouldn't see that thing broken down.  Yuck.  AND you're also supposed to flush "business" from the disposables anyway, because that creates a bio-hazard in our landfills that could infiltrate our water supply.  Double yuck. 
Yes, there are cons: 
  1. It is more labor-intensive for you, but not by that much.  You shake out or spray out the incident (Bryce hooked up a sink sprayer for me on our toilet), pop it in a wet bag and wash them.  You do have to use special laundry detergent, but I'm not going to bore you with that.
  2. Not as convenient when out and about and I still use disposables when we go out because I haven't acquired enough diapers yet or wet bags.  BUT once you get your cute little wet bag that matches your stroller, etc., just plop that baby in there and tend to it when you get home. 
There are TONS of resources out there with information on cloth diapering.  From pockets to inserts, to all-in-ones, fitteds, pre-folds and woolies, there is an option for everyone. 

I believe cloth diapering is definitely worth it...because who wouldn't like to buy a fabulous pair of leather boots for the fall instead of a $40 case of disposable diapers each month?!!

Gotcha' thinkin' don't I?  :)


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


it's not very often that i come across something that creates a new obsession in my life, well with the exception of my sweet little family that is:)

BUT, a few weeks ago, i got an invitation from the fantabulous ashley thompson to join this new site called pinterest.  my first thought was "i have NO time for yet ANOTHER social networking site," so i just let it sit in my inbox for a few days.  i finally decided to check it out because i am SICK of facebook.  let's face it:  the iPhone app is PATHETIC and now the spam-bots have infiltrated it.  okay, i guess i should give fb some credit since it did help get the word out about moose and it's a great way to share photos, etc. with our friends and family who don't live near us.  so, there...i take it back.  well not all of it, but a little bit.

anyway, back to the point.  what is pinterest?  well, you know how when you go googling for things on the web and it is nearly impossible to keep track without writing it down or bookmarking it?  (and p.s.  who REALLY wants 892038402 bookmarks?!) this is your online idea/inspiration notebook.  brilliant.  you "pin" things you love, or "like" things you, well, like, but don't want to add to your "board" which is where you categorize all the things you "pin."  from anything to fashion, food or home decorating, you can keep track of it all and access it from anywhere.  makes my heart happy.  aaah. 
here's what your home screen will look like.  feel free to find me and be creepy:)

WHY THE HECK DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS?!?!!  so, go get you a pinterest account.  if you need an invite, let me know and i'll send you one.  i need more people to get on this so we can quit recycling the same ideas:) 


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

return of the moose. (cue mark morrison.)

well, it's no secret that moose escaped last week. 

last tuesday morning, bryce went to take the trash out and somehow the gate didn't get shut all the way.  (now when i first realized this, i was blaming bryce since i had to direct my frustrations at someone, and he is obviously the easiest choice.  i am now admitting IN WRITING that it was not his fault and i should not have been so mean to him.)  anyway, i let moose and diva out at about 7:45 and diva started scratching to come in not too long after.  for some reason, moose loves to be outside (i don't understand why since he is 130 pounds and it is hotter than all-get-out outside) so i didn't really think much of it.  at about 9:00, i started to get curious as to why he still wanted to be outside because the temperature was quickly rising.  i went to call for him and that's when i noticed it:  the gate.  WIDE.  OPEN.  oh crap.  now the most bizarre thing of the whole situation is that moose never gets out.  diva is always the little houdini that will scratch, claw and wiggle her way out of the yard.  i guess she didn't go because she's like her mom and knows there's not a whole lot of things that are worth being out in this miserable heat...

after a few minutes of screaming for him, our fantastic neighbor kara and her son brayden (side note: NICEST kid in the world.  seriously.)  came over to see if they could help.  the baby was asleep, so they offered to go drive around and see if they could find him.  no luck.  so, i woke up the baby and we went to scour the 'hood.  no dice.  at this point, i was hysterical, but bryce quickly reminded me that no one would hit that dog because it's not like he can just sneak up on you.  i mean he is HUGE. 

after 45 minutes of no moose sighting from anyone out and about, i figured we needed to try some different avenues.  facebook, craigslist,  i seriously googled "lost dog" and plastered it everywhere.  that night we put up fliers and the following morning (my aunt jackie was here so she helped me!) we put up almost 80 more all over the neighborhood.  contacted all the local shelters and the great dane rescue of north texas, all with no luck.  at this point, i was starting to believe someone had dog-napped our big moose dog.  i was devastated. 

thursday, i went home to oklahoma and it had kind of set in that we were going to lose that part of our family.  i was physically upset and emotionally distraught.  over a dog...

friday morning, i logged on to check my email and there was a message from fido finder.  now i didn't want to get my hopes up since i had a scammer call me off of my craigslist ad and most of the other emails were just junk, but there was a phone number and a glimmer of hope began to shine on us.

i called the number.  no answer.  dang.  were we back to square one?  NOPE!!  a few minutes later, i received a call from a guy who thought he had moose.  i couldn't believe it.  he asked me if he was "the best dog ever" and i had to chuckle because apparently he had been minding his manners!  i asked cory (the potential moose rescuer) where he lived and he told me grand prairie, 45 minutes away, so again, my hope started to fade.  i told him i doubted it was moose because of location, but he then told me he was an insurance adjustor who was working in our neighborhood that day.  WHAT?!!  HOPE SHOWED UP AGAIN!!

he then sent me a picture and sure enough, there was moose in his full glory, smiling with cory and jenny's (his wife) children.  relief.  not only had we found him, but he had been in great hands all week!  since i was in oklahoma and bryce was on his way, they offered to dog sit for the weekend.  what?!!  are there really complete strangers that are this nice and helpful?!  i called bryce and let him know and he called cory.  they made arrangements for moose to spend the weekend at the jones' house and we would pick him up sunday night. 

sunday, we headed out early to go get moose but when bryce got a hold of cory, he told us that they were about two hours from home, so we went ahead and went home and waited.  LONGEST.  WAIT.  EVER.  (okay, maybe i'm being a little dramatic, but it is what it is.)  about 8:00 sunday night, we loaded up the family and headed to retrieve the prodigal son. 

when we got to their house, bryce rang the door bell and that bellowing howl that sometimes just flat out pisses me off floated through the air like a beautiful melody.  aaah.  my big dog is on the other side of that door.  as cory and jenny welcomed us in, moose was excited to see us and jumped up on bryce.  that's when we saw it:  the reason they weren't home when we called the first time.  TWO black great dane puppies came running around the corner.  they loved moose so much that they went to get one, and came home with two!! 

 reunited and it feels so good!

 waiting for the go ahead
to get in the bed with
mom and dad.

mooser getting some
welcome home snuggles.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

and mother of the year goes to....

aaah, the life of a dedicated blogger.  i love it when i log on to the blog and realize there are old posts i never finished...

anyway, back in february, i officially lost mother of the year.  even though this happened almost six months ago, i can look back on it and laugh.  kind of. 

i would have to say that not only have i experienced my worst-parenting-experience to date, i might go as far to say that i have recently experienced my worst moment in my life. 

i know you're asking yourself, "what has she done that is so awful?!"  well, let me tell you.  after brice was born, we discovered the amazingly beautiful and ever awe-inspiring, heaven-on-earth place i like to call costco.  yes, seriously.  i love it that much.  we make our trips to costco after church on sunday, and this was like any other trip...until "it" happened...

we were all enjoying our pleasant afternoon strolling through costco with our main focus of the trip being formula.  as we approached the tower of formula, i reached up, grabbed a can and handed it to bryce.  that's when it happened.  my a.d.d self got distracted by who-knows-what (possibly the joe's jeans for $70.  or it may have been the space bags that were a steal for $19.99.  then again, it could've been the 24 pack of shiner bock that wass $21...)  anyway, back to the event:  as my attention was diverted from the situation at hand, i proceeded to loosen my grip on the two and a half pound can of formula, expecting it to already be in my husband's hand.  unfortunately for our sweet girl, it wasn't. 

BAM.  RIGHT ON HER PERFECT LITTLE FOREHEAD.  oh.  my.  GAWSH.  it took her a good ten seconds to realize her mother - her protector, who carried her in her belly for 37 and 1/2 weeks - had just dented her head and quite possibly gave her a concussion...

never in my life have i exited an establishment so quickly.  straight to the truck i ran, cuddling my baby so close in an effort to comfort her...and to muzzle the blood-curdling screams coming from her tiny little lungs. 

after about 15 minutes of intense crying from both parties (actually, i probably cried more than she did because i felt so horrible), we were able to regain our composure.  unfortunately for b, there were visual reminders:  not only was there a dent, (YES, A DENT.  I DENTED MY BABIES HEAD.  WORST.  MOTHER.  EVER.) there was a lovely little goose egg that would remind me of the incident for the next week.  wonderful. 

but, like most mothers learn, she is resilient and it appears that she has made a "full recovery."  well, that is until she's a teenager and then her daddy tries to blame me and this "formula-dropping-incident" on her bizarre behavior...  :)


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