Tuesday, July 26, 2011

return of the moose. (cue mark morrison.)

well, it's no secret that moose escaped last week. 

last tuesday morning, bryce went to take the trash out and somehow the gate didn't get shut all the way.  (now when i first realized this, i was blaming bryce since i had to direct my frustrations at someone, and he is obviously the easiest choice.  i am now admitting IN WRITING that it was not his fault and i should not have been so mean to him.)  anyway, i let moose and diva out at about 7:45 and diva started scratching to come in not too long after.  for some reason, moose loves to be outside (i don't understand why since he is 130 pounds and it is hotter than all-get-out outside) so i didn't really think much of it.  at about 9:00, i started to get curious as to why he still wanted to be outside because the temperature was quickly rising.  i went to call for him and that's when i noticed it:  the gate.  WIDE.  OPEN.  oh crap.  now the most bizarre thing of the whole situation is that moose never gets out.  diva is always the little houdini that will scratch, claw and wiggle her way out of the yard.  i guess she didn't go because she's like her mom and knows there's not a whole lot of things that are worth being out in this miserable heat...

after a few minutes of screaming for him, our fantastic neighbor kara and her son brayden (side note: NICEST kid in the world.  seriously.)  came over to see if they could help.  the baby was asleep, so they offered to go drive around and see if they could find him.  no luck.  so, i woke up the baby and we went to scour the 'hood.  no dice.  at this point, i was hysterical, but bryce quickly reminded me that no one would hit that dog because it's not like he can just sneak up on you.  i mean he is HUGE. 

after 45 minutes of no moose sighting from anyone out and about, i figured we needed to try some different avenues.  facebook, craigslist, fidofinder.com.  i seriously googled "lost dog" and plastered it everywhere.  that night we put up fliers and the following morning (my aunt jackie was here so she helped me!) we put up almost 80 more all over the neighborhood.  contacted all the local shelters and the great dane rescue of north texas, all with no luck.  at this point, i was starting to believe someone had dog-napped our big moose dog.  i was devastated. 

thursday, i went home to oklahoma and it had kind of set in that we were going to lose that part of our family.  i was physically upset and emotionally distraught.  over a dog...

friday morning, i logged on to check my email and there was a message from fido finder.  now i didn't want to get my hopes up since i had a scammer call me off of my craigslist ad and most of the other emails were just junk, but there was a phone number and a glimmer of hope began to shine on us.

i called the number.  no answer.  dang.  were we back to square one?  NOPE!!  a few minutes later, i received a call from a guy who thought he had moose.  i couldn't believe it.  he asked me if he was "the best dog ever" and i had to chuckle because apparently he had been minding his manners!  i asked cory (the potential moose rescuer) where he lived and he told me grand prairie, 45 minutes away, so again, my hope started to fade.  i told him i doubted it was moose because of location, but he then told me he was an insurance adjustor who was working in our neighborhood that day.  WHAT?!!  HOPE SHOWED UP AGAIN!!

he then sent me a picture and sure enough, there was moose in his full glory, smiling with cory and jenny's (his wife) children.  relief.  not only had we found him, but he had been in great hands all week!  since i was in oklahoma and bryce was on his way, they offered to dog sit for the weekend.  what?!!  are there really complete strangers that are this nice and helpful?!  i called bryce and let him know and he called cory.  they made arrangements for moose to spend the weekend at the jones' house and we would pick him up sunday night. 

sunday, we headed out early to go get moose but when bryce got a hold of cory, he told us that they were about two hours from home, so we went ahead and went home and waited.  LONGEST.  WAIT.  EVER.  (okay, maybe i'm being a little dramatic, but it is what it is.)  about 8:00 sunday night, we loaded up the family and headed to retrieve the prodigal son. 

when we got to their house, bryce rang the door bell and that bellowing howl that sometimes just flat out pisses me off floated through the air like a beautiful melody.  aaah.  my big dog is on the other side of that door.  as cory and jenny welcomed us in, moose was excited to see us and jumped up on bryce.  that's when we saw it:  the reason they weren't home when we called the first time.  TWO black great dane puppies came running around the corner.  they loved moose so much that they went to get one, and came home with two!! 

 reunited and it feels so good!

 waiting for the go ahead
to get in the bed with
mom and dad.

mooser getting some
welcome home snuggles.

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  1. I am so glad that such a wonderful family took care of him. And big moose helped puppies find a new home. Great story with a great ending.



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