Friday, July 29, 2011

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What's The Fluff?  Well, I'll tell ya'...

Not long after I found out I was pregnant, I really became interested in cloth diapering.  To be honest, I really can't even remember how the interest (which quickly turned into an obsession) started.  I read, and read...and READ.  The more I learned, the more I wanted to CD our baby. 

SO YOU'RE TELLING ME YOU HAVE TO CLEAN OUT THE POO?  THAT IS NASTY.  If I heard it once, I heard it a thousand times.  Yes, you do shake the business into the porcelain throne, but cloth diapering is NOT what it used to be.  Trust me.  I do not have one single diaper that requires me to pin or wrap B up like a pig in a blanket.  AND I don't have to touch anything...hold up an end and plop into the pot. 

I finally hit the breaking point when B had terrible diaper rash for over a month and although it had healed, it never completely went away.  I knew she was hurting and cloth diapers were the ONLY thing I hadn't tried yet.  So, when Mom was down a few weeks ago, we went to Baby Rear Gear in Arlington and got a crash course in cloth diapering from Elise (who, btw, is AMAZING!). 

We got a few different kinds:  Knicker Nappies, Happy Heinys, Gro-Via (FAVORITE!), Bum GeniusTiny Tush and Fuzzi Bunz (OTHER FAVORITE!) as Elise suggested to get a variety to figure out what I like and what works best for B.  (There are also a TON of work-at-home-mom's that make CD's and you can find them on Etsy.) 

here's my little wild thing in her happy heiny's:)

So, why cloth diaper your baby?  Here are my top reasons:
  1. It promotes faster potty training.  The kiddos can feel they're wet and begin to make the correlation sooner. 
  2.  No chemicals on baby's bottom and they can "breathe."  The microfiber lining has wicking properties pulling moisture away from their tush while letting air in.
  3. Cost!  Initially, it is more to get started, but think about this:  the average child is potty trained between 18-36 months and with disposables, that is an average of $3500.  (I can't remember the site I found this on, so sorry for the lack of credit here..)  Are you going to have multiple children?  Yeah, think about that.  I have to admit it is super liberating to know that I will be able to use these diapers for the rest of our kiddos and not spend that money. 
  4. Eco-friendly.  Do you know how long it takes for a diaper to decompose in our land fills?  Like a bajillion years.  Okay, not really, but let's just say that in our lifetime we wouldn't see that thing broken down.  Yuck.  AND you're also supposed to flush "business" from the disposables anyway, because that creates a bio-hazard in our landfills that could infiltrate our water supply.  Double yuck. 
Yes, there are cons: 
  1. It is more labor-intensive for you, but not by that much.  You shake out or spray out the incident (Bryce hooked up a sink sprayer for me on our toilet), pop it in a wet bag and wash them.  You do have to use special laundry detergent, but I'm not going to bore you with that.
  2. Not as convenient when out and about and I still use disposables when we go out because I haven't acquired enough diapers yet or wet bags.  BUT once you get your cute little wet bag that matches your stroller, etc., just plop that baby in there and tend to it when you get home. 
There are TONS of resources out there with information on cloth diapering.  From pockets to inserts, to all-in-ones, fitteds, pre-folds and woolies, there is an option for everyone. 

I believe cloth diapering is definitely worth it...because who wouldn't like to buy a fabulous pair of leather boots for the fall instead of a $40 case of disposable diapers each month?!!

Gotcha' thinkin' don't I?  :)



  1. I'm glad you love cloth diapering!! I LOVE it to and must admit I'm a little obsessed!! I keep buying new diapers. I don't know why....haha!!

  2. i will love it even more once my collection increases!!! :)

  3. oh how i want to take the plung myself.....i don't have trent convinced that it would be ok to wash diapers where we wash our clothes..



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