Saturday, August 27, 2011

documenting life.

thanks to the wonderfully amazing ashley thompson, i had the fortune of meeting the fabulous jenny collier.  they do a photography class so cleverly named mamarazzi, and it completely changed the way i take pictures of b.  by completely changed, i mean they taught me how to actually use my camera:)

here are a few of my pictures pre-mamarazzi and post-mamarazzi

boo on the blurriness! 

see the difference in the photos?!?!!  not only am i now shooting in manual mode, opening up a
WHOLE new world of options, but i learned how to USE my camera, not just stick it on auto and go. 
okay back to the focus of this posting:  jenny had this BRILLIANT idea to challenge all of the mommies out there to document the lives of their children, not just take the same ol', same ol' pictures that we always do. 

so, go check out jenny's blog and read about the 52 week challenge.  i'm going to do baby is only a baby once.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

goodie giveaway.

thanks to pinterest, i found this fantastically amazing blog, sparkle and hay.  and yes, this is now the inspiration for brice's first birthday...

BUT that's beside the point.  erin over at sparkle and hay is spreading the word about twisted twig...and they are having a GIVEAWAY!!!  here are some of their goodies...

(photo credit twisted twig, via sparkle and hay)

you better believe that those cocktail sparkle sticks WILL BE at b's first birthday.  amen.  :)

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

a legacy of love.

on august 15th, my father and mother in law, Dwayne and Tonya Thompson celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary!!!  i am so blessed to have them in my life and i guess you could say this is my "love letter" to them:)

that hair!  that hat!!  or the creepiest part that this looks
so much like bryce and brittne...

dwayne and tonya have been a part of my life for almost ten years now, and our relationship has changed so much from that "teenage girl helping paint a room, trying to impress her new boyfriend's mother" to friends, to family. 

here we are at our wedding in 2009. 
thank you to one of my most precious friends
ashley thompson for photographing us. 

i have learned from watching dwayne and tonya (and a majority of things being beaten into me repeatedly!! yes, tonya, i am kidding!) some of the secrets to a successful marriage.  you want to know what they are?  well, i'll tell you...

KEEP GOD FIRST.  period.  end of discussion.  your commitment is to your spouse, but your COVENANT is with God.  He designed marriage to be a reflection of Christ's relationship with the church and until the Lord is the head of your household and the keystone of your marriage, don't expect to have a fruitful, abundant relationship. 

LAUGH.  enjoy each other's company.  seriously.  you have to remember to "date" your spouse, especially once children enter the picture.  and Lord knows tonya keeps all of us laughing with the stories of all her falls

STAY COMMITTED.  there are days that love comes easy and days that you have to CHOOSE your spouse.  marriage is not rainbows and butterflies every single day.  i always tease that marriage vows should also say "even when i want to punch you in the throat, i will choose to stay and do life with you again tomorrow."

BE PROACTIVE.  you never hear newlyweds saying "oh i think we'll be divorced in (insert number here) years."  life sneaks in and messes up your plans.  be alert and be aware.  don't be an idiot and put yourself in "dangerous" situations...abstain from the appearance of all evil (1 thessalonians 5:22).  if you wouldn't do it with your significant other next to you, don't do it.  seriously. 

LOVE FOR REAL.  forgive, forget, and give the grace you will need soon enough.  you are not perfect.  your spouse is not perfect.  always strive to love your spouse the way Christ loves you.  (yes, i know it's hard...especially when they leave dirty clothes all over the floor or are physically incapable of loading the dishwasher!) 

GOD.  SPOUSE.  CHILDREN.  in that order.  it is amazing how crazy life gets and that can get out of control.  be watchful that your children do not become your idol, nor your spouse.  our children are beautiful, amazing gifts from above, but we do not have a covenant with them.  the best thing a husband can do for his children is to love their mother...and vice versa.  a strong marriage teaches children security, love, conflict resolution and gives them a guide for their future marriage. 

i could really go on and on...and on... about the way Dwayne and Tonya have impacted my life.  i am so thankful that God blessed me with such wonderful in-laws who are not only family, but friends.  i love that they are true to their commitments, follow whole-heartedly where the Lord commands them to go and truly live their convictions.  they have a heart for the Lord, for each other and for their family.

i love you both so very much and i am so thankful you are leaving us all a legacy of love.  here's to thirty more years of living, loving and laughing. 

(PS - Dwayne and Tonya do a marriage retreat every spring and if you are married, getting married or even considering it, you NEED to go.  seriously.) 

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Monday, August 15, 2011

monogram canvas project.

okay, so i have declared my love for pinterest, and now my obsession is becoming productive.  if you know me, you KNOW i love a good craft project and i thoroughly enjoy the time i spend alone getting my crafty on.  yes, i just said that. 

anyway, so, my most recent project was a wedding gift made for one of my life-long friends...the beautiful miss lauren harris (now lauren deatherage).  and yes, i'm totally fixing to blow the surprise, seeing as how i haven't given it to her yet!  (but they just turned out so cute i couldn't wait to post it!!!)

alright, let's get going.  as always, i have to give credit for my inspiration.  so, SURPRISE!!!  we head back to pinterest...
i originally saw these on pinterest and you can find them at not on the highstreet {dot} com.
BUT if you like how mine turned out, feel free to contact me and i will GLADLY
make  you some and will not charge you $30 per canvas.  ridiculous.

so, here's what you need for this project: 

two 8x8 inch canvases.  or whatever size you'd like.  i think these would look AWESOME huge!
paint.  hob lob had paint 30% off this week, so it was super cheap.
letters.  these are chip board, but you could use wood or anything else.
scrapbook stickers and brads.
oh and a paint brush.  obviously...

paint your canvas and your letters the same color.
the canvas will probably take a few passes. 

glue your letters on to the center of the canvas.
add your embellishments.  i used their wedding date.
*NOTE:  the scrapbooking brads will not puncture the canvas,
so i had to cut off the arms and glue the top of the brad on.
yes, i know there are stickers, etc. but i didn't have i made do:)

voila!  here they are hanging on my wall.
i will be making these again...and often! 
i think these would be precious photo props, party decor,
a huge one in the master bedroom or over the next baby's crib:)
and NO, this is NOT an admission that we are pregnant...just sayin' :)

as always, happy crafting!!!  and if you haven't gotten on pinterest yet, go do it!  seriously!!! 

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the first harvest of my pinterest addiction.

true life:  i'm a pinterest addict.  seriously.  it's border-line pathetic.

anyway, i had been seeing TONS of these precious button projects all over pinterest, so i decided to make one.  the more i got thinking about it, the more i realized that it probably wasn't the best idea to make a canvas or anything for the home since we are at some point moving in the near future.  one less thing to move, one less thing to fight with bryce about going to the garbage or into the garage sale...

so, here's what i decided to do:  a "cute as a button" onesie for my sweet little nugget:)

here's what you need for the project:
buttons, hot glue gun, disappearing ink pen (in sewing department),
monogram and onesie or shirt (or bag, towel...whatever you want!)

if you're more type a than i am, feel free to measure and
find the center of the onesie to perfectly position your letter. 

i made this monogram in word and to be completely honest,
put a piece of paper up to the screen and lightly traced it. 
i was too lazy to walk upstairs and plug in the printer to the laptop.
(plus i went to the gym  the day before i did this and could barely walk.)
anyway, put the monogram inside the onesie
and trace it with the sewing pen.

i then laid out my buttons.  if you're as neurotic as i am,
this is going to be difficult for you.  take a deep breath, and
pour a glass of wine.  (actually, that's best for anytime, right??)
after you have your buttons laid out, place a small dot of hot glue
on ONE BUTTON AT A TIME.  do not remove them prior to gluing as it will
turn into a huge puzzle trying to get it back together...and i hate puzzles.
seriously, hate puzzles.  blah.

afterwards, i chose to hand sew all the buttons on to ensure they stay put seeing as how i have a CRAZY, active nine month old who would somehow rip them off and eat them.  seriously. 

feel free to embellish however you choose.  i'm going to add a yellow bow to the top left and ruffles on the butt, but i just haven't gotten that far yet.  (and hobby lobby is ALWAYS sold out of everything i need.  i blame it on the fact that i live in the middle of the S.A.H.M. universe that is the DFW metroplex.) 

UPDATE:  i scratched the ruffle booty and went with a tutu.  it also doubled for the outfit you can see on brice from tri delta alumni night.  and i STILL can't find ribbon.  i really hate to order online because i think that is just silly for what i'm doing...but desperate times call for desperate measures and we HAVE to HAVE the perfect yellow ribbon to match the tutu, right?!!?!!

i'll put up some final pictures of b in her finished button onesie, but i was just so excited about posting it that i couldn't wait any longer...i've been sitting on this post for almost three weeks now:)

happy crafting!

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Friday, August 12, 2011

baby delta.

welp, i hit another milestone with  baby girl this week and like most other milestones, it was no big deal for her...but for mommy, it was a big one!  alumni night at tri delta!!

we headed out on wednesday morning to meet up with my mom, and as usual when we travel, i timed the trip with her morning nap that usually lasts about two hours.  she slept for about 45 minutes the entire day.  ridiculous.  i was TERRIFIED she would have a meltdown at dinner or at the house, but she was a perfect little trooper!  she stayed awake for all three skits and it wasn't until the last five minutes of two-party day that i took her out because she was starting to talk.  she loved watching the girls sing and dance and i'm convinced we have a little performer on our hands:) 

it was so crazy at the house that i didn't even get my camera out the entire night:( BUT, here are a few pictures from the evening (and most of them i have stolen from my beautiful friends off their fb pages): 

aunt joanna teaching brice her letters. 

b giving her aunt cami some snuggles:)

brice and her bff/roomie/pledge sister olivia.
sweet girls:)
you can meet olivia's sweet familiy here. 

three generations of tri deltas. 
(i guess mom can't stand still long
enough to not blur the picture!)
b and mommy getting ready for the show!

i had such a fantastic time seeing my best friends and catching up with girls i don't see very often, which yes, there will be a post on that later, and yes, you can be certain that it will be ooey gooey gushing about how much i love tri delta and how much i love my girlfriends.  feel free to gag if you'd like:)

anyway, we had a fantastic time and i am so proud to see how amazing the chapter is doing.  the girls are stunningly beautiful and are winning everything on campus.  it's a great feeling to know the future of the theta gamma chapter is in good hands:) 


Saturday, August 6, 2011

nannie's ice cream and cereal.

i have the fondest memories of my nannie.  she was an absolutely phenomenal woman, who loved God, her family and anyone who ever crossed her path.

one thing about my nannie is that she wanted to feed you, even if you weren't hungry.  she wouldn't quit until she got somethin' in your belly:) 

one of my most favorite things she ever made for me was ice cream and cereal.  now, i know it probably sounds weird, but trust me.  what's better than cereal??  cereal with ice cream!  duh.  it's pretty much a parfait and it is SUPER easy.  and super yummy!  i will admit, people will probably look at you like you're nuts, but trust me on this one!!

here's what you need:
ice cream (i usually use fro yo, but ain't nothin' wrong with blue bell.)
cereal of your choice  (traditionally, nannie would use raisin bran,
but i didn't have any tonight.)
milk. (skim, gotta save those calories.)

assemble your parfait.
layer ice cream, cereal, ice cream cereal.
splash of milk on top to bring it all together.

my apologies for the yucky picture.  please make your parfait
prettier than mine, especially when serving your guests. 
but, i was hungry, so this is what you got:) 

and don't worry...i won't judge you for having this for breakfast:) 


Monday, August 1, 2011

prayer: it's more than a want list.

here lately, the idea of prayer and how we view prayer has been weighing on my heart. 

a few weeks ago at church, pastor bob said something during his sermon that really resonated with me.  (this, of course, is not verbatim because i can barely remember my name most days, let alone exact quotes that i don't write down...)  "how do you invest in the relationships in your life?  most of the time, you talk to people MANY times throughout the day, not just as certain designated times.  so why is your interaction with God any different?  he wants to have a personal and interactive relationship with you, and that's difficult to have if you aren't communicating with him." 

wow.  now, i know God is omnipresent and is with me everywhere i go, but the whole idea of not communicating with him truly struck me.  how would my marriage be affected if i only communicated with my husband for a few seconds at meals and bedtime?  what about my other friendships?  the relationship with my child?  it really got me thinking...

thursday night at home group, we dove into this subject even more in depth.  we agreed that a lot of times, our human nature has the tendency to "corner" God.  when you ask for specific things (ie: God, please remove this post-baby pudge from my belly, or can i have marissa miller's body and still eat cupcakes at every meal.) you are limiting God and his power.  when God doesn't answer our prayers in accordance to the parameters we have laid out in our prayer, our flesh and the enemy would have us think that when we pray and ask (matthew 7:7) God has abandoned us when our prayers are not answered.  what, you don't think satan will use scripture against you?  REALITY CHECK:  satan will use ANY and EVERY method available to him and that sucker is patient. 

"indeed, my plans are not like your plans, and my deeds are not like your deeds, for just as the sky is higher than the earth, so my deeds are superior to your deeds and my plans superior to your plans." isaiah 55:8-9. 

PRAISE THE LORD his plans are far above anything our nimble minds could think of , because what a big MESS we would make of things. 

and PRAISE THE LORD for his perfect timing...

when we felt the Lord directing us for me to stay home with the baby, we knew we would be losing our health insurance as i carried our benefits through wells fargo.  we were able to keep it through the end of march and then began kind of playing our cobra benefits in case a disaster occurred.  we knew that benefits were in the works through bryce's company, but nothing fruitful had presented itself...last week, i received notice of a due date of august 8th for the cobra coverage to continue and was a whopping $5500, plus $1200/month to continue.  ouch.  we knew that wasn't an option, so i had looked into private insurance.  the major problem with that is that there is NO maternity coverage for any private plans.  we had been praying for months for God to provide, and we knew he would.  He is ALWAYS faithful, ALWAYS gracious, and ALWAYS perfect in HIS timing.  not ours. 

in God's perfect plan, RGC acquired insurance that is effective august 1st.  hallelujah!  answered prayer.  although our answered prayers are usually never on our timeline, they are perfect in alignment for God's plan. 

on a sidenote:  i think it is VERY important we share our spiritual walk.  you may not think what's going on in your life is a big deal, but a word that God has given you may help another person.  so, share your testimony, share your faith, and share the love your God has shared with you:)

...and an "unanswered prayer" doesn't always mean no.  it may just mean not right now.  i'll go into that later:) 


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