Friday, August 12, 2011

baby delta.

welp, i hit another milestone with  baby girl this week and like most other milestones, it was no big deal for her...but for mommy, it was a big one!  alumni night at tri delta!!

we headed out on wednesday morning to meet up with my mom, and as usual when we travel, i timed the trip with her morning nap that usually lasts about two hours.  she slept for about 45 minutes the entire day.  ridiculous.  i was TERRIFIED she would have a meltdown at dinner or at the house, but she was a perfect little trooper!  she stayed awake for all three skits and it wasn't until the last five minutes of two-party day that i took her out because she was starting to talk.  she loved watching the girls sing and dance and i'm convinced we have a little performer on our hands:) 

it was so crazy at the house that i didn't even get my camera out the entire night:( BUT, here are a few pictures from the evening (and most of them i have stolen from my beautiful friends off their fb pages): 

aunt joanna teaching brice her letters. 

b giving her aunt cami some snuggles:)

brice and her bff/roomie/pledge sister olivia.
sweet girls:)
you can meet olivia's sweet familiy here. 

three generations of tri deltas. 
(i guess mom can't stand still long
enough to not blur the picture!)
b and mommy getting ready for the show!

i had such a fantastic time seeing my best friends and catching up with girls i don't see very often, which yes, there will be a post on that later, and yes, you can be certain that it will be ooey gooey gushing about how much i love tri delta and how much i love my girlfriends.  feel free to gag if you'd like:)

anyway, we had a fantastic time and i am so proud to see how amazing the chapter is doing.  the girls are stunningly beautiful and are winning everything on campus.  it's a great feeling to know the future of the theta gamma chapter is in good hands:) 


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