Saturday, August 27, 2011

documenting life.

thanks to the wonderfully amazing ashley thompson, i had the fortune of meeting the fabulous jenny collier.  they do a photography class so cleverly named mamarazzi, and it completely changed the way i take pictures of b.  by completely changed, i mean they taught me how to actually use my camera:)

here are a few of my pictures pre-mamarazzi and post-mamarazzi

boo on the blurriness! 

see the difference in the photos?!?!!  not only am i now shooting in manual mode, opening up a
WHOLE new world of options, but i learned how to USE my camera, not just stick it on auto and go. 
okay back to the focus of this posting:  jenny had this BRILLIANT idea to challenge all of the mommies out there to document the lives of their children, not just take the same ol', same ol' pictures that we always do. 

so, go check out jenny's blog and read about the 52 week challenge.  i'm going to do baby is only a baby once.

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