Monday, August 15, 2011

the first harvest of my pinterest addiction.

true life:  i'm a pinterest addict.  seriously.  it's border-line pathetic.

anyway, i had been seeing TONS of these precious button projects all over pinterest, so i decided to make one.  the more i got thinking about it, the more i realized that it probably wasn't the best idea to make a canvas or anything for the home since we are at some point moving in the near future.  one less thing to move, one less thing to fight with bryce about going to the garbage or into the garage sale...

so, here's what i decided to do:  a "cute as a button" onesie for my sweet little nugget:)

here's what you need for the project:
buttons, hot glue gun, disappearing ink pen (in sewing department),
monogram and onesie or shirt (or bag, towel...whatever you want!)

if you're more type a than i am, feel free to measure and
find the center of the onesie to perfectly position your letter. 

i made this monogram in word and to be completely honest,
put a piece of paper up to the screen and lightly traced it. 
i was too lazy to walk upstairs and plug in the printer to the laptop.
(plus i went to the gym  the day before i did this and could barely walk.)
anyway, put the monogram inside the onesie
and trace it with the sewing pen.

i then laid out my buttons.  if you're as neurotic as i am,
this is going to be difficult for you.  take a deep breath, and
pour a glass of wine.  (actually, that's best for anytime, right??)
after you have your buttons laid out, place a small dot of hot glue
on ONE BUTTON AT A TIME.  do not remove them prior to gluing as it will
turn into a huge puzzle trying to get it back together...and i hate puzzles.
seriously, hate puzzles.  blah.

afterwards, i chose to hand sew all the buttons on to ensure they stay put seeing as how i have a CRAZY, active nine month old who would somehow rip them off and eat them.  seriously. 

feel free to embellish however you choose.  i'm going to add a yellow bow to the top left and ruffles on the butt, but i just haven't gotten that far yet.  (and hobby lobby is ALWAYS sold out of everything i need.  i blame it on the fact that i live in the middle of the S.A.H.M. universe that is the DFW metroplex.) 

UPDATE:  i scratched the ruffle booty and went with a tutu.  it also doubled for the outfit you can see on brice from tri delta alumni night.  and i STILL can't find ribbon.  i really hate to order online because i think that is just silly for what i'm doing...but desperate times call for desperate measures and we HAVE to HAVE the perfect yellow ribbon to match the tutu, right?!!?!!

i'll put up some final pictures of b in her finished button onesie, but i was just so excited about posting it that i couldn't wait any longer...i've been sitting on this post for almost three weeks now:)

happy crafting!

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  1. This is very cute. I've got about 4 pinterest projects going right now too. It drives tyler crazy when i use words like "pinteresting" and "pintastic" and "pinspired" so i try to do it all the time

  2. So cute!! I was thinking I would probably have to sew them on too because Tally chews on anything and everything....including the clothes she is wearing!

  3. Seriously, you need to move back to Muskogee so we can have at least 1 day a week devoted to Pinterest activities. No Joke.

  4. and I need Pinning Rehab. The first step is admitting it right?



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