Thursday, August 18, 2011

a legacy of love.

on august 15th, my father and mother in law, Dwayne and Tonya Thompson celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary!!!  i am so blessed to have them in my life and i guess you could say this is my "love letter" to them:)

that hair!  that hat!!  or the creepiest part that this looks
so much like bryce and brittne...

dwayne and tonya have been a part of my life for almost ten years now, and our relationship has changed so much from that "teenage girl helping paint a room, trying to impress her new boyfriend's mother" to friends, to family. 

here we are at our wedding in 2009. 
thank you to one of my most precious friends
ashley thompson for photographing us. 

i have learned from watching dwayne and tonya (and a majority of things being beaten into me repeatedly!! yes, tonya, i am kidding!) some of the secrets to a successful marriage.  you want to know what they are?  well, i'll tell you...

KEEP GOD FIRST.  period.  end of discussion.  your commitment is to your spouse, but your COVENANT is with God.  He designed marriage to be a reflection of Christ's relationship with the church and until the Lord is the head of your household and the keystone of your marriage, don't expect to have a fruitful, abundant relationship. 

LAUGH.  enjoy each other's company.  seriously.  you have to remember to "date" your spouse, especially once children enter the picture.  and Lord knows tonya keeps all of us laughing with the stories of all her falls

STAY COMMITTED.  there are days that love comes easy and days that you have to CHOOSE your spouse.  marriage is not rainbows and butterflies every single day.  i always tease that marriage vows should also say "even when i want to punch you in the throat, i will choose to stay and do life with you again tomorrow."

BE PROACTIVE.  you never hear newlyweds saying "oh i think we'll be divorced in (insert number here) years."  life sneaks in and messes up your plans.  be alert and be aware.  don't be an idiot and put yourself in "dangerous" situations...abstain from the appearance of all evil (1 thessalonians 5:22).  if you wouldn't do it with your significant other next to you, don't do it.  seriously. 

LOVE FOR REAL.  forgive, forget, and give the grace you will need soon enough.  you are not perfect.  your spouse is not perfect.  always strive to love your spouse the way Christ loves you.  (yes, i know it's hard...especially when they leave dirty clothes all over the floor or are physically incapable of loading the dishwasher!) 

GOD.  SPOUSE.  CHILDREN.  in that order.  it is amazing how crazy life gets and that can get out of control.  be watchful that your children do not become your idol, nor your spouse.  our children are beautiful, amazing gifts from above, but we do not have a covenant with them.  the best thing a husband can do for his children is to love their mother...and vice versa.  a strong marriage teaches children security, love, conflict resolution and gives them a guide for their future marriage. 

i could really go on and on...and on... about the way Dwayne and Tonya have impacted my life.  i am so thankful that God blessed me with such wonderful in-laws who are not only family, but friends.  i love that they are true to their commitments, follow whole-heartedly where the Lord commands them to go and truly live their convictions.  they have a heart for the Lord, for each other and for their family.

i love you both so very much and i am so thankful you are leaving us all a legacy of love.  here's to thirty more years of living, loving and laughing. 

(PS - Dwayne and Tonya do a marriage retreat every spring and if you are married, getting married or even considering it, you NEED to go.  seriously.) 

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  1. I am the one that is blessed beyond words. I prayed for my daughter in-law for 25 years. God gave me the perfect daughter in-law for me. I love her not only because of the woman she is; but for the way she loves me, the way she loves my son, the way she loves my granddaughter, and the way she loves our family. I am proud to share the title of Mrs. Thompson with her and I have total trust in her that Bryce and her will pass down a legacy greater than we did. She is the fulfillment of many years of praying and yet she is more than I ever asked for. She may not be my daughter by blood but she is a daughter of my heart!

  2. Okay, Anonymous is Kristen's mother in-law (Tonya Thompson) who can't post any other way but as anonymous! This is how I add laughter to our family!



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