Monday, August 15, 2011

monogram canvas project.

okay, so i have declared my love for pinterest, and now my obsession is becoming productive.  if you know me, you KNOW i love a good craft project and i thoroughly enjoy the time i spend alone getting my crafty on.  yes, i just said that. 

anyway, so, my most recent project was a wedding gift made for one of my life-long friends...the beautiful miss lauren harris (now lauren deatherage).  and yes, i'm totally fixing to blow the surprise, seeing as how i haven't given it to her yet!  (but they just turned out so cute i couldn't wait to post it!!!)

alright, let's get going.  as always, i have to give credit for my inspiration.  so, SURPRISE!!!  we head back to pinterest...
i originally saw these on pinterest and you can find them at not on the highstreet {dot} com.
BUT if you like how mine turned out, feel free to contact me and i will GLADLY
make  you some and will not charge you $30 per canvas.  ridiculous.

so, here's what you need for this project: 

two 8x8 inch canvases.  or whatever size you'd like.  i think these would look AWESOME huge!
paint.  hob lob had paint 30% off this week, so it was super cheap.
letters.  these are chip board, but you could use wood or anything else.
scrapbook stickers and brads.
oh and a paint brush.  obviously...

paint your canvas and your letters the same color.
the canvas will probably take a few passes. 

glue your letters on to the center of the canvas.
add your embellishments.  i used their wedding date.
*NOTE:  the scrapbooking brads will not puncture the canvas,
so i had to cut off the arms and glue the top of the brad on.
yes, i know there are stickers, etc. but i didn't have i made do:)

voila!  here they are hanging on my wall.
i will be making these again...and often! 
i think these would be precious photo props, party decor,
a huge one in the master bedroom or over the next baby's crib:)
and NO, this is NOT an admission that we are pregnant...just sayin' :)

as always, happy crafting!!!  and if you haven't gotten on pinterest yet, go do it!  seriously!!! 

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  1. Just letting you know that I am totally a craft nut and want to put this on my mile long to do list! Thanks for sharing! What else are you working on?

  2. steph we need to have a girl's crafting weekend! i've got a ton of stuff on my crafting "plate" right now. frames, new flowers, and a headboard (but i have to talk bryce into that one since we are fixing to move, so it probably won't happen til after we head to ok.) GET ON PINTEREST. seriously. do it. you'll love it! kiss jovie bug for me:)

  3. those are so cute! and what a GREAT idea. I am thinking about painting a wall in our master bedroom and those would be great for the wall decor! super cute. i really need to check out pinterest!!



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