Saturday, August 6, 2011

nannie's ice cream and cereal.

i have the fondest memories of my nannie.  she was an absolutely phenomenal woman, who loved God, her family and anyone who ever crossed her path.

one thing about my nannie is that she wanted to feed you, even if you weren't hungry.  she wouldn't quit until she got somethin' in your belly:) 

one of my most favorite things she ever made for me was ice cream and cereal.  now, i know it probably sounds weird, but trust me.  what's better than cereal??  cereal with ice cream!  duh.  it's pretty much a parfait and it is SUPER easy.  and super yummy!  i will admit, people will probably look at you like you're nuts, but trust me on this one!!

here's what you need:
ice cream (i usually use fro yo, but ain't nothin' wrong with blue bell.)
cereal of your choice  (traditionally, nannie would use raisin bran,
but i didn't have any tonight.)
milk. (skim, gotta save those calories.)

assemble your parfait.
layer ice cream, cereal, ice cream cereal.
splash of milk on top to bring it all together.

my apologies for the yucky picture.  please make your parfait
prettier than mine, especially when serving your guests. 
but, i was hungry, so this is what you got:) 

and don't worry...i won't judge you for having this for breakfast:) 


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