Monday, August 1, 2011

prayer: it's more than a want list.

here lately, the idea of prayer and how we view prayer has been weighing on my heart. 

a few weeks ago at church, pastor bob said something during his sermon that really resonated with me.  (this, of course, is not verbatim because i can barely remember my name most days, let alone exact quotes that i don't write down...)  "how do you invest in the relationships in your life?  most of the time, you talk to people MANY times throughout the day, not just as certain designated times.  so why is your interaction with God any different?  he wants to have a personal and interactive relationship with you, and that's difficult to have if you aren't communicating with him." 

wow.  now, i know God is omnipresent and is with me everywhere i go, but the whole idea of not communicating with him truly struck me.  how would my marriage be affected if i only communicated with my husband for a few seconds at meals and bedtime?  what about my other friendships?  the relationship with my child?  it really got me thinking...

thursday night at home group, we dove into this subject even more in depth.  we agreed that a lot of times, our human nature has the tendency to "corner" God.  when you ask for specific things (ie: God, please remove this post-baby pudge from my belly, or can i have marissa miller's body and still eat cupcakes at every meal.) you are limiting God and his power.  when God doesn't answer our prayers in accordance to the parameters we have laid out in our prayer, our flesh and the enemy would have us think that when we pray and ask (matthew 7:7) God has abandoned us when our prayers are not answered.  what, you don't think satan will use scripture against you?  REALITY CHECK:  satan will use ANY and EVERY method available to him and that sucker is patient. 

"indeed, my plans are not like your plans, and my deeds are not like your deeds, for just as the sky is higher than the earth, so my deeds are superior to your deeds and my plans superior to your plans." isaiah 55:8-9. 

PRAISE THE LORD his plans are far above anything our nimble minds could think of , because what a big MESS we would make of things. 

and PRAISE THE LORD for his perfect timing...

when we felt the Lord directing us for me to stay home with the baby, we knew we would be losing our health insurance as i carried our benefits through wells fargo.  we were able to keep it through the end of march and then began kind of playing our cobra benefits in case a disaster occurred.  we knew that benefits were in the works through bryce's company, but nothing fruitful had presented itself...last week, i received notice of a due date of august 8th for the cobra coverage to continue and was a whopping $5500, plus $1200/month to continue.  ouch.  we knew that wasn't an option, so i had looked into private insurance.  the major problem with that is that there is NO maternity coverage for any private plans.  we had been praying for months for God to provide, and we knew he would.  He is ALWAYS faithful, ALWAYS gracious, and ALWAYS perfect in HIS timing.  not ours. 

in God's perfect plan, RGC acquired insurance that is effective august 1st.  hallelujah!  answered prayer.  although our answered prayers are usually never on our timeline, they are perfect in alignment for God's plan. 

on a sidenote:  i think it is VERY important we share our spiritual walk.  you may not think what's going on in your life is a big deal, but a word that God has given you may help another person.  so, share your testimony, share your faith, and share the love your God has shared with you:)

...and an "unanswered prayer" doesn't always mean no.  it may just mean not right now.  i'll go into that later:) 

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