Wednesday, September 14, 2011

pre-cursor to an etsy shop?

okay, so after a ton of encouragement and prodding from you guys - my family and friends - i have decided to start selling my crafties that i so enjoy making!  i have been told by so many people to open up an etsy shop, but i'm going to do just email orders until i see if you guys mean it or are just fluffing up my ego:)

so, here are some things that i'm starting off selling:

black silk rosette with gold button on baby brice:)
i can do any color, fabric and embellishment.
$5 without headband, $8 with headband

pinwheel bow $5
feel free to oohhh and awww at three month old baby brice:)

satin flower, starting at $5 for 3 layers with embellishment.
i can do any color, embellishment, and also more layers. 
each additional layer will be 50 cents. 
(brice's flowers are usually 5-6 layers)

there are SO many ideas running through my head right now!!!!
college, pro sports teams, high school teams, birthdays, stripes
fall colors with your monogram, holidays, welcome baby...
my mind is going nuts right now! 

rosette frame. price depends on size and if you want it fully covered
like this one or not because this took me about six hours.  no joke.
so, for a 12' x 12' exactly like this one, $50
so, there you have it.  if there's something you have seen me post previously in the blog or on facebook, that's not on here and you'd like to have it, let me know!  like i've said before, if you see something you like, feel free to contact me and i'd be happy to make it for you!!!! i'm not going to charge a ridiculous amount...just enough to justify my pinterest addiction to the hubs:)

hey and while you're here, go ahead and hit the follower button up there on the top left.  makes my day when that number goes up:)

my email is  so, give me a shout out and help a crafting addict okay?!! :)

oh and shipping is not included in the price.  if you live local, i'll deliver or we can meet up at starbucks and have a cup of coffee when i bring you your new goodies!!! 

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