Wednesday, October 26, 2011

party time! excellent!

you know things are in party mode around here when wayne's world is being referenced...  (i sure hope no one has to click the link to find out what wayne's world is...)

anyway, b's first birthday party is coming up here in about two weeks.  *please forgive me while i excuse myself to go vomit/cry... 

whew, okay i'm back...originally, i had decided to make the birthday invitations.  i had this crazy idea of what they were going to look like:  perfect picture of b eating cake under her humongous "1" that her daddy built (which will be truly revealed after the party, although you can somewhat see it in the photo below), wearing her birthday crown (yes, i said crown) all a-glow on a perfect oklahoma evening.  PUH-LEASE.  as if things ever go as i dream...

so after i realized we have company coming in/halloween this weekend, followed by a trip to oklahoma and her actual birthday on the same day as my cousin and his wife's baby shower that i'm co-hosting, followed by a family only party two hours later...then the big party the next weekend, i figured it was in my best interest (and the interest of my family) to scrap the idea.  luckily, i have pretty fantastic friends that can rescue me at the drop of a hat and always do:)  they're the bee's knees. 

this time, i FRANTICALLY turned to my pledge sister cara over at o. ink design studio.  my goal is always to have invites out at least two weeks prior to the r.s.v.p./regrets only date and that day had quickly come and gone...

SO, here's what she whipped up for me: 

good news:  they're perfect.  bad news:  i TOTALLY didn't order enough.  but on the bright side of that, i can spend those funds elsewhere! 

welp, off to cry again since my baby is now five minutes closer to her first birthday.  later gators.  

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


the weekend that we went home for the bridge club reunion, we were able to squeeze in a TON of stuff that usually would've never happened.  b and i went home on wednesday, so we were able to see friends and family that we don't always get to...and it was so fun!

saturday afternoon, one of my lifelong friends leslie brought her little boy levi over to my mom's house to play!  levi is two weeks older than brice, so leslie and i have been through a lot of the same milestones together over the past year and a half.  i remember emailing her when we were pregnant and being like, "um, is this normal?"  not to mention we can bounce ideas off each other since we have kiddos the exact same age.  she's a great resource:)   anyhoo, enough with my girl-crush on les...

here are a few pics from our suaree':

we attempted sidewalk chalk this day before they got there...
and that was a DEFINITE no-go. 

our babies!  levi's birthday is (TOMORROW!) october 26, b's is november 6

mr.  handsome.  love him:)

rudeness.  brice took all of levi's stuff the second he sat down.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

bridge club reunion

a few weekends ago, the little monkey and i headed home to join my nana, my mom and my aunt jackie for a bridge club reunion.  feel free to read the article that was published in the paper if you'd like:)  (aunt julie was at laps for little ones at the little light house, so she couldn't make it.  if you have some time, go check out what they're all about.  it's amazing over there!)

in a nutshell, over 50 years ago, a group of young mothers got together weekly and played bridge.  even though there are only three of the original eight still living, they still get together every week to play.  this is absolutely amazing to me and now as a young mother myself, i realize how important these friendships are.  those women had seen the good, the bad the ugly and everything in between with each other.  over the years, they became like family, and their families became like families.  they all have children the same age, who have children the same age, and now we are having babies that are the same age.  it's pretty amazing to see the (forgive the lion king pun and my sappiness here) circle of life start over with each generation. 

my favorite thing that stemmed from the bridge club was the Christmas cookie exchange.  as a little girl, i would be so excited to go to my nana's house and see all her friends and my mom's friends...and of course, eat as many cookies as i could squish into my fat little face.  (and yes i mean fat.  those of you who knew me back then can testify to that.) 

now that i'm older, i realize that the bridge club is so much more than getting together to play cards.  only in my dreams do all of my best friends live on the same street as i do, and our children will grow up together and become best friends.  i think one of the greatest things in life is when the line between friendship and family gets so blurry, that you don't view your best friends as friends, but as irreplaceable members of your family.  and praise God that i have women like that in my life.  i would be a complete disaster without each and every one of you. 

the three original members are on the third row seated. 
from left to right:  shirley rogers, eileen bishop and bonnie baker (my nana)
the group includes the members, daughters/daughters-in-law, grands and great grands.
(thanks ronda for letting me steal your picture!)

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


holy moses i have been BUSY, thus the lack of blogging.  bryce is out of town at least one night a week (more realistically usually two) and we have been traveling to home to oklahoma what seems like every week here lately!  it appears that the rest of 2011 is going to be just as busy, so i better just get used to the sporadic posting.  well and there's a ton of stuff that i'm not posting until after b's birthday party.  let's just say my husband is totally annoyed with me and all his projects right now!!  but bless his heart, he puts on a smile for me and everything he makes surpasses the crazy dreams i've envisioned in my head.  he is a good 'un.  :)

anyway, a while back, i told y'all i was going to start selling my crafties.  i have had a few orders and wanted to show y'all what i've been doing:)

these are 14" wreaths.  $20 bucks plus shipping. 

24" wreath...$30 bucks plus shipping

feel free to facebook or email me if y'all want anything:)

between halloween, a baby shower for my cousins and two birthday parties (both in oklahoma) i will go ahead and let you know that i probably won't be posting very often...but come january 2012 you can bet your bottom dollar that 2011 will be blowing up blogspot.  okay, i hope that life gives me more down time between now and then, but i'm not getting my hopes up...  :)

thanks for reading y'all!  xo.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

cloth dipe giveaway!

head on over to eco baby buys to enter the cloth diaper giveaway!  once they hit 9,000 facebook fans,  it's on!!!!!  they're giving away TEN diapers, from brands like fuzzi bunz, which is one of my favorites!!!  woo hoo!!!

fuzzi bunz pocket diaper with fleece liner and fleece insert.
adjustable at leg gussets and waist.

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