Monday, October 24, 2011

bridge club reunion

a few weekends ago, the little monkey and i headed home to join my nana, my mom and my aunt jackie for a bridge club reunion.  feel free to read the article that was published in the paper if you'd like:)  (aunt julie was at laps for little ones at the little light house, so she couldn't make it.  if you have some time, go check out what they're all about.  it's amazing over there!)

in a nutshell, over 50 years ago, a group of young mothers got together weekly and played bridge.  even though there are only three of the original eight still living, they still get together every week to play.  this is absolutely amazing to me and now as a young mother myself, i realize how important these friendships are.  those women had seen the good, the bad the ugly and everything in between with each other.  over the years, they became like family, and their families became like families.  they all have children the same age, who have children the same age, and now we are having babies that are the same age.  it's pretty amazing to see the (forgive the lion king pun and my sappiness here) circle of life start over with each generation. 

my favorite thing that stemmed from the bridge club was the Christmas cookie exchange.  as a little girl, i would be so excited to go to my nana's house and see all her friends and my mom's friends...and of course, eat as many cookies as i could squish into my fat little face.  (and yes i mean fat.  those of you who knew me back then can testify to that.) 

now that i'm older, i realize that the bridge club is so much more than getting together to play cards.  only in my dreams do all of my best friends live on the same street as i do, and our children will grow up together and become best friends.  i think one of the greatest things in life is when the line between friendship and family gets so blurry, that you don't view your best friends as friends, but as irreplaceable members of your family.  and praise God that i have women like that in my life.  i would be a complete disaster without each and every one of you. 

the three original members are on the third row seated. 
from left to right:  shirley rogers, eileen bishop and bonnie baker (my nana)
the group includes the members, daughters/daughters-in-law, grands and great grands.
(thanks ronda for letting me steal your picture!)

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  1. Wow! Very well said. You continue to amaze me with your insight......and of course the way you can put words down on paper. I love you!
    Aunt Jackie



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