Wednesday, October 26, 2011

party time! excellent!

you know things are in party mode around here when wayne's world is being referenced...  (i sure hope no one has to click the link to find out what wayne's world is...)

anyway, b's first birthday party is coming up here in about two weeks.  *please forgive me while i excuse myself to go vomit/cry... 

whew, okay i'm back...originally, i had decided to make the birthday invitations.  i had this crazy idea of what they were going to look like:  perfect picture of b eating cake under her humongous "1" that her daddy built (which will be truly revealed after the party, although you can somewhat see it in the photo below), wearing her birthday crown (yes, i said crown) all a-glow on a perfect oklahoma evening.  PUH-LEASE.  as if things ever go as i dream...

so after i realized we have company coming in/halloween this weekend, followed by a trip to oklahoma and her actual birthday on the same day as my cousin and his wife's baby shower that i'm co-hosting, followed by a family only party two hours later...then the big party the next weekend, i figured it was in my best interest (and the interest of my family) to scrap the idea.  luckily, i have pretty fantastic friends that can rescue me at the drop of a hat and always do:)  they're the bee's knees. 

this time, i FRANTICALLY turned to my pledge sister cara over at o. ink design studio.  my goal is always to have invites out at least two weeks prior to the r.s.v.p./regrets only date and that day had quickly come and gone...

SO, here's what she whipped up for me: 

good news:  they're perfect.  bad news:  i TOTALLY didn't order enough.  but on the bright side of that, i can spend those funds elsewhere! 

welp, off to cry again since my baby is now five minutes closer to her first birthday.  later gators.  

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  1. I saw the "1" up close and personal and it is out of this world!! I kinda wanted MY picture by it... cute invites!

  2. Cute invitations! I was the exact same way! I was so emotional about Tally turning 1. They grow up too fast!

  3. aww this is so sweet! I love that your throwing him a little birthday party. I feel like one year old parties are so hard but yours is already coming together nicely!
    super fun!



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