Wednesday, October 19, 2011


holy moses i have been BUSY, thus the lack of blogging.  bryce is out of town at least one night a week (more realistically usually two) and we have been traveling to home to oklahoma what seems like every week here lately!  it appears that the rest of 2011 is going to be just as busy, so i better just get used to the sporadic posting.  well and there's a ton of stuff that i'm not posting until after b's birthday party.  let's just say my husband is totally annoyed with me and all his projects right now!!  but bless his heart, he puts on a smile for me and everything he makes surpasses the crazy dreams i've envisioned in my head.  he is a good 'un.  :)

anyway, a while back, i told y'all i was going to start selling my crafties.  i have had a few orders and wanted to show y'all what i've been doing:)

these are 14" wreaths.  $20 bucks plus shipping. 

24" wreath...$30 bucks plus shipping

feel free to facebook or email me if y'all want anything:)

between halloween, a baby shower for my cousins and two birthday parties (both in oklahoma) i will go ahead and let you know that i probably won't be posting very often...but come january 2012 you can bet your bottom dollar that 2011 will be blowing up blogspot.  okay, i hope that life gives me more down time between now and then, but i'm not getting my hopes up...  :)

thanks for reading y'all!  xo.

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