Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the bumble B does halloween.

for our first halloween with b, we headed over to our texas family's house:)  we LOVE the reeder/sassaman families and we always joke about how we're the only "non-family" members at their family events. 

lane and kelly had everyone over to eat burgers and then take the little girls trick or treating.  aslyn is almost three, brice is almost one (barf!) and baby avery is almost five months.  brice LOVES playing with azzie, so we were so grateful kelly invited us over!  and they're way more fun than boring old mom and dad...

my favorite part of the night was after about the third house we stopped at, the whole idea of "trick or treating" appeared to click with b.  after her daddy put her down, she looked up at me, looked at her basket, grabbed it and took off, almost in a sprint.  (well relatively speaking seeing as how she has little bitty legs.)  it seemed she was almost telling us, "you guys are slowing me down.  i gotta go!"  so cute. 

anyway, here are a few pictures of my little bumble B on her first halloween.  i made her costume and with the exception of the antennas, i was pretty pleased with how it turned out (they kept breaking.)  i knew it had to be something that was comfortable otherwise, FOR-GET it...she would've pitched a fit and it would've been a complete disaster. 

b with daddy, chowing down on a cookie.

b and mommy, post trick or treating. 
her antennas got a beating getting in and out of the wagon.

happy halloween!

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