Friday, November 18, 2011

getting a niece.

holy canoli we have been BUSY!  following the chaos of halloween, we headed to oklahoma for a whopping ELEVEN days.  yes, eleven.  that's a long time...

we started off our vacation with a baby shower for my niece who will be here in february!!!

side note real quick:  mom has two sisters:  julie (matt's mom) and jackie (kevin and jackson's mom).  until jackson was born in 1998, we were all only children and our moms did an AMAZING job at raising us like siblings.  so, when i refer to my "niece"  she is technically my second cousin, but that just doesn't do justice for how much i love this little bundle of love that will be here in february:)

so, back to the shower!  myself and my cousins tanna and angela had a baby shower for matt and tara in tulsa.  matt and tara live in virginia, so anytime they can get away from work to come visit everyone basically drops everything to stalk them.  yes.  seriously.  :) 

here are a few shots from the party:

matt and tara.  love them.  so much.

brice was able to share her first birthday with a very special event! 

can't wait for baby girl wilson to get here in february!  i can't wait to spoil her rotten:)

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