Wednesday, December 14, 2011

adventures in renting.

okay, so for most of you who read our blog on a regular basis or are friends on fb, you know we are FINALLY returning home to OKLAHOMA!!!  be still my beating heart:)  what a relief that we got out of here giving birth to only one texan!  JOKE PEOPLE.  please don't send me hate mail.  i come from good, hearty stock of oklahoma sooners, so it runs deep.  AND some of my best friends in the entire world are texans...  :)

bryce is starting an oklahoma office for his company and we are moving up there so he can run the office and projects on-site, not 200 miles away.  anyway, that's beside the point of this post...and i know you don't want me to ramble on about how proud i am of him and how i have THE BEST husband on the face of the planet, and that is not up for discussion:) 

since it's been quite some time since either of us have been "renters"  i've decided i'm going to dedicate a good majority of the upcoming posts to the renter, or what i consider someone who needs temporary and non-damaging decor.  my biggest struggle with a rent house is very rarely do you find a property manager that will let you have free-reign to decorate, so my goal is to make this little house that isn't ours feel like it's ours, especially since baby number two will be calling this place home:) 

if you rent or have any design dilemmas, send 'em my way and we'll see what we can come up with together!!  i've already got a THOUSAND ideas running through my mind and trust me, we are NOT those people who have unlimited funds!  we are a one income family and decorating the is the very last thing that gets any monetary love around here.  so on that note, think inexpensive (NOT CHEAP.  i hate the word cheap.  blah.) and out of the box.  some of my ideas are going to use traditional items in non-traditional ways, and you can bet your bottom dollar i'll be churning up dust at all the local thrift stores.  so, if you see me bottom's up in a dumpster, don't judge.  one of my FAVORITE pieces in our entire house was a 1930's antique hutch we pulled out of the dumpster from our storage facility.  boo yah.   

we've had PLENTY of practice in rejuvenating a house and please forgive the HORRIBLE quality of those photos.  this was way-back-when before i had the mad iPhone photo taking skillzzzzzzz.  i've also recently realized there are no pictures of brice's nursery, so i'll try to do a post on that in the next few days (or at least post some pictures).  keep in mind that with the exception of laying the carpet/tile, retexturing our 20 foot ceilings that we scraped the popcorn off of and doing the masonry work for the fireplace we did ALL OF THIS OURSELVES.  new trim, new doors, new hardware, new wood floors, cedar plank mantle...all of it.  and yes i was tired.  so even though i don't have a degree in interior design, i do like to think i have a design-oriented brain and a husband who can build ANYTHING.  :)

okie dokie, here's where we're headed: 

say hello to our new home in edmond!

also, this may be one of the last posts (although it's hardly a post, it's more of a preview) for a while.  between packing, Christmas and moving, the blog will more than likely be neglected.  poor blog, always gets the short end of the stick... 

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  1. Yay! I'll be sending an email your way soon girly! I have a few ideas that we did, because I chose not to paint our house... even though now I'm getting an itch to! :)

    We will definitely have to get together once you're here since you'll be so close.

    Happy Packing & Merry Christmas!! :)



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