Thursday, December 1, 2011

celebrating baby b.

the week following b's first birthday, we spent in oklahoma.  bryce was able to take a few days off work so he could go hunting and we could actually stay and enjoy spending time with family and friends...which never happens!  on november the 12th, we had brice's BIG party in fort gibson at my uncle kent and aunt jackie's house.  their property is gorgeous and they have the perfect layout for big family gatherings!

we were so blessed to be surrounded by our friends and family.  it's a very rare occasion that all of the people we love are in the same place, so that made b's party even sweeter:)

thanks to my addiction to pinterest, i was able to find TONS of ideas for the decor for her party.  i knew since we were having it at jackie's that i wanted to embrace the country/outdoors and also throw a vintage girly twist into it.  luckily, it just so happens that since they've moved into their new house, jackie and kent didn't have room for their GORGEOUS antique dining room set, so we set that puppy up and went to town.  greatness:) 

after everything was said and done and thanks to A LOT of work,  the tally for the decorations was right at $30.  the best thing was that i had a gift card so i think i spent about $10 total, and that was for the fabric bunting.  awesome?  absolutely.  :)

here's a quick recap of the party.  if you want to see all the photos, you can find them on facebook!

marshmallow pops for party favors, sewn streamers, fabric bunting
and the birthday banner thanks to the cricut and my friend leslie!

one foot tall "1" that the hubs made.  there was also a five foot
tall one, but for some reason i totally forgot to take pictures of it!
best thing was they were both made from scrap so they cost about $5
total to make!  woo hoo!  i'm thinking we'll do this every year:)

year of b banner, smash cake and the beautiful walnut cake stand
my hubby made.  he is too good:)

pink ombre cake..that was DELICIOUS. 

brice's birthday crown made by our wonderful family friend, ginger gilbreath.
she sells these, so if you're interested, email me and i'll get you her contact info. 

brice, daddy and mommy

sweet baby.

she was totally freaked out by the singing and all the birthday shenanigans!

i asked janie to put extra buttercream on the cake so she could get extra messy,
but she didn't want anything to do with the cake.  she kept signing finished instead of
eating the cake...figures!

my sweet family. 

one of her three bites of boring!  :)

we all had a wonderful time at the party and are so thankful for our friends and family who ventured out to celebrate our sweet girl with us.  we are blessed beyond measure and thank God everyday for you who enrich our lives with love and laughter. 

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