Friday, December 2, 2011

for my one year old.

oh my sweet brice, how this year has flown by.  you are without a doubt the greatest adventure your father and i have ever embarked on...

your life to date has been documented and shared with so many people and although one day you will probably hate me for it, when you grow up to have your own family, you will understand why i do it.  a good majority of our family and friends do not live near us, but the real reason is life goes so quickly that if i don't document it, i will forget; and i NEVER want to forget every itty, bitty moment i have with you. 

from day one, we learned that you are a GIFT from God, never to be taken for granted, and we know that you do not belong to us:  we are to protect you and mold you in the ways of the Lord for as long as He chooses.  watching you lay in the NICU was by far the most difficult thing i have ever had to endure.  i wanted so badly to pick you up and take you home, to take away your pain and to protect you from every little thing that could bring you harm.  although i still want to do that, i know that it's impossible to do so and that i must trust the Lord because i know that all things work together for good for those who love God (romans 8:28). 

once we got you home, it was very apparent that a baby truly changes everything...and for the better.  you were such an easy baby and with the exception of not sleeping through the night until you were almost six months old, you made the transition into parenthood a breeze for us.  you have always communicated very well and we knew if you were crying it was because you were ready to eat or because you needed a fresh diaper. 

you grew SO quickly that looking back it makes me sick to my stomach.  although i am biased, i have always thought you were developmentally advanced:) 

here's a quick run down of your first year stats:
  • you were eight pounds, five ounces and 20 1/2 inches long.  super chunk!
  • three months:  rolled over
  • four months:  first teeth, scooting
  • five months: sleeping through the night, sitting up on your own
  • six months:  crawling, pulling up on everything
  • seven months: feeding yourself
  • eight months:  playing "chase" and standing on your own
  • nine months:  walking with help, wave bye bye
  • ten months:  walking on your own
  • eleven months:  you can {consistently} sign finish, milk and more, climb up on the couch and into the bathtub (which is scary!).
  • one year:  you weigh 25.6 pounds, are 31 1/4" tall and have a huge head at 19".  you wear size 24 month/2T clothes and a size five shoe.  you are on the cusp of being able to open doors...but i hope it's a while before you really figure that out!  you have 14 teeth and that includes two molars.  you can say mama, daddy, boose da (moose dog), biya (diva), "see" when you want to touch something (especially your books), stay, easy (what you call gramsie's dog captain) and da (dog).  you blow kisses in the most hilarious way that sounds more like an indian pow wow song than a pucker/lip smack.  you love to pop around the corners and try to scare us, the way we do you and bathtime is still your favorite thing:)

you have the sweetest personality with a dash of attitude and are in every single way IN-DE-PEN-DENT.  i hate that you got mommy's temper, but luckily you don't let yours show very often - yet, that is.  you are so inquisitive and into EVERYTHING and although i do get exhausted from picking up after you and trying to keep you from harm, i love to watch you learn and figure things out.  you are such a daddy's girl and you run to meet him when he gets home from work every day.  watching the two of you is truly one of my greatest joys in this life. 

i know that you won't stay little for long, so please understand that when the day comes that you grow tired of mommy trying to hold you or kiss you that i will always see the sweet, little baby that has forever changed me.  you have brought a deeper and truer understanding of what love is.  you have brought a clarity to my life that has shown me what it really is all about: the love of family and living for the Lord.  i promise that every breath of my life will be spent striving to make our family better and stronger, and although i will at times fail miserably, my love for you, your father, future siblings and faith in our Savior will never waiver.  i can promise you that mommy and daddy will ALWAYS be together and will ALWAYS be here for you.  we are your safe place and although there will be times that the growing pains will be difficult, we will always do what we believe is best for you because we love you more than life itself.

my prayer for you is that you will come to know the Lord and love him with all of your being, knowing that a relationship with the Lord brings freedom and joy that nothing else in this life can ever give you.  i pray you keep your sweet, fun-loving spirit that brings a smile to everyone's face.  you are beautiful and perfect and i hope you never forget that. 

i am so excited to watch you grow and become a beautiful God-fearing and serving woman, but I beg you, please don't do it too quickly.

i love you so much my little stinky winkers. 

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  1. If I didn't already know it, your post has made me realize that I will officially lose it when Silas turns 1 next month. This is beautiful. I cried. It perfectly captures how fast the first year goes, how much it changes you, how deep the promises you make to your child are, and how beautiful it all is. Thanks for sharing, Kristen!

  2. thanks for reading:) you'll probably be fine until you sit down to document everything...i didn't really lose it until i wrote this last night!!! xo.



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