Monday, December 19, 2011


take delight in the lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.  {psalm 37:4}

now that our time in texas is coming to an end, i have had many emotions fill my heart over the past few weeks.  although i have tried to transition our blog into a lifestyle blog, it is first and foremost my outlet for expression, and i want to document this milestone in our lives for myself, for my family...and for any of you who may need to hear what the Lord has put on my heart. 

as i sit here with tears streaming down my face, it is absolutely amazing to me that the Lord has looked upon me with favor and blessed me beyond anything i could ever deserve, simply because He loves me.  although our life is extremely far from perfect, the truest and deepest desires of my heart have been heard and the Lord has answered my prayers...

i have a faithful and loving husband, a man who is a servant for the Lord and who never waivers in his faith and his provision for his family.  he is absolutely the hardest worker i have ever known and he loves his wife and his daughter (and new little nugget that's on the way) with every ounce of his soul.  the Lord has used my husband as a vessel to bless my life (and others) beyond measure.  he is loyal, he is truthful, and he is a man of integrity.  he is my counter-part, my best friend, and my sanity.

i have a beautiful, healthy, happy daughter who is a ray of sunshine and the light of my life.  watching her grow and knowing the love we have for her overwhelms me when i compare that to how Christ loves us.  she has done absolutely nothing to cause me to love her; i love her simply because she is MINE.  and we are His. 

it is no secret that for quite some time i have longed, with a depth that is hard to describe, to return home to oklahoma.  oklahoma is in me and her simplicity and warmth pulse strong through my veins.  i am thankful the Lord gave me a loving family and a simple up bringing in a small town where knowing the little pleasures in life never was over-looked and i am thankful we will be able to raise our children in the same manner.

the Lord has blessed us by providing work for bryce that he loves, excels in, and a company that is like family.  I actually am hesitant to use the word company because Reeder General is much more than that:  they are our texas family.  they have given bryce the freedom to exercise his God-given talents and with that has come great success for all of us.  the company is growing at a mind-boggling pace and we are returning home, neither of which would be without blessings from above.  i am thankful bryce works for a company that is honorable and trustworthy - because in their line of work the lines can be all too easily blurred.  i am thankful that bryce is surrounded by Godly men who challenge him, hold him accountable, but more importantly, support him and stand by him through his professional and personal lives. 

so as we pack up and head north, the one thing that rings in my ears is "gratefulness."  i am grateful the Lord loves me despite my many, many flaws.  i am grateful for a husband who challenges me, loves me and works his hardest to give his family the world.  i am grateful for brice, for the funny, ornery little girl she is, and for her little brother or sister who will soon be joining our crazy life.  i am grateful for our extended family, for our friends who are family, and for the many ways they bless our lives.   

the truest and deepest desires of my heart are not to live in a big fancy house or to drive a brand new car.  no, the real desires of my heart are to delight myself in the Lord and watch the growing of my family; to spend as much time as possible with the ones i love and drink in every drop of life while i am here on this earth...and i am grateful, above all, that the Lord knows these things before i do. 

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