Friday, January 13, 2012

crazy Christmas.

well, we have survived a crazy, whirlwind move...and i'm finally getting around to updating the blog.  and yes, i am EX.  HAUS.  TED. 

since we knew we were moving, it was definitely difficult to remind ourselves that we were in fact in the Christmas season.  we decided not to do gifts because everything that was purchased in texas would have to be moved to oklahoma...and those of you who know me know there are a MILLION things i would rather do than move.  (like pull every hair out of my head, one at a time...) 

anyway, i went ahead and decorated the house as soon as we got back from our Thanksgiving trip home because i knew that if i waited, it wouldn't get done and b had to have a tree. 

here are a few snapshots from Christmas this year, albeit a small one, it's probably one of my favorite Christmases to date.  This was the first year that gifts TRULY didn't matter and we weren't consumed with the commercial side of things.  We were able to sit back and be thankful that God had answered one of our most heartfelt prayers, enjoy our little girl and enjoy each between packing boxes of course:)

good news:  figured out self timer.  bad news:  not focused.  boo.

daddy and brice

mommy and brice.  (and baby bump!)

this makes me smile.  she had been playing with this box for days!


hope you all had a very MERRY Christmas season with your families! 

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  1. Love that pic of B and her daddy. The look on her face is so Kristen! Hope to see you all soon when I come to Edmond.



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