Thursday, January 26, 2012

project: organization.

my goal for 2012 is for our family to be a well-oiled, organized machine.  with number two on the way, the last thing i have time for is chasing my tail, so i have "resolved" (it is the new year, right?) to run our household more like a business.  and a big, huge SHOUT OUT to my new bff:  google calendars.  here's a quick overview of what's going on in january in our house:

i color code EVERYTHING...and it syncs with my phone.  double awesome. 

after i do the master schedule online, i do weekly updates every sunday on our dry erase board in the laundry room by the door out to the garage.  i erase the daily tasks every evening...possibly because i like the cleanliness, but also there is something that gives me the warm fuzzies about marking stuff off our master to-do list...  oh and i also put my honey-do's on it because bryce has been so busy with work and i have pregnant brain that it helps us both to have it in sight.  

my next step is to get some colored dry erase markers
so i can color code on the weekly board...
but i keep forgetting to write it down
and forget them EVERY TIME i go to the store...

one of my MOST-HATED tasks as a SAHM (or wife/mom in general) is grocery shopping. of the reasons i hate it so much is because i HAVE to coupon.  not because i'm addicted, but because we are a one income family and i REFUSE to feed my family garbage, which turns into a 3-stop trip for me:  homeland (for couponing), buy 4 less (general stock up) and then the farmer's market for my fresh produce.  hate it.  seriously.  well, except for the farmer's market...i love that kind of stuff:)

so, i have figured out how to make this dreaded task a little less dreadful, at least for me:  one of my biggest problems is i get in a menu rut, causing my grocery list to be a hodge podge of things i "think" i might need...and i am the kind of person that i can eat the same meal every day for a month, and then i won't eat it again for a year.  it doesn't bother husband on the other hand, is not the same.  he gets bored with monotony very quickly, and very rarely makes requests, leaving me racking my brain for new options.  so, now that we are finally settled in our new house, i sat down and made a two week menu.  i had pinned TONS of recipes on pinterest and decided to actually make them...shocking, right?!

i spent about 20 minutes pilfering through everything and laid out our menu for the next two weeks, making sure that i put the direct link on my google calendar in the "description" section.  (if you don't use google calendar, this doesn't make any sense, but once you start, you'll figure it out.  super easy.)

to help cut down on the dreaded shopping trip, i have made the goal of doing a "stock up" trip every two weeks (or less, hopefully!) to restock the pantry, a quick "coupon match-up" trip to homeland when my coups coincide with their sales (and it's actually stuff i need.  i don't understand the idea of couponing and buying crap you don't need.  you're still spending put the 15 boxes of breathe right strips back on the shelf...)  and my weekly produce run.  i am PICKY about produce and have found that the farmer's markets get things (usually) locally and there are fewer middle-men, meaning your produce gets to you sooner, thus it doesn't spoil nearly as quickly as the supermarket stuff. 

i hope this helps some of you crawl out from under the menu rut and from those days where you just feel like there's no structure.  i am SOOO much more productive when i have a game plan! 

oh and i've been couponing for about two years if you have any questions, let me know.  i'll be more than happy to help you! 

the next post will be the sharing of the tortellini soup recipe that i tweaked...

happy thursday...and happy organizing!

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  1. I make a 2 week at a time menu & also get in a rut! Love Pinterest!!!

  2. I'm not sure where exactly you are now, but if you live close to a Crest (there's one at 15th and Santa Fe in Edmond) you should check them out! They have a great produce section.



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