Wednesday, January 25, 2012

turtle or hamburger: the sequel.

when i was pregnant with brice, a sonographer came into the bank and told me that on an ultrasound, a girl looks like a hamburger and a boy looks like a turtle...

apparently, the first time around i made a deal with the hubs that if we found out with the first baby, we wouldn't find out with the rest.  now, call it pregnant (or selective) amnesia if you would like, but i DO NOT remember this agreement. 

this second pregnancy has been COMPLETELY different than with brice, and i have "known" from pretty much the get-go that this baby is a boy.  i had been thinking that for a while when bryce looked over at me as we were driving down the road and said, "i have a confession."  GREAT.  fan.  tas.  tic.  if you know my husband, you know that there is an extremely wide array of what this could entail, which usually gets the typical response from me:  "how much money did you spend at cabela's?"

"no, it's not about that.  although i can't believe you think i would do that!" 
(GIVE.  ME.  A.  BREAK.  this coming from the man who sneaks stuff in the house through his hunting backpack...) 
"okay, well what is it?"
"i haven't said this out loud for fear of jinxing us, but i think we're having a boy."
"oh my gosh, me too!"

when we were pregnant with brice, we were both certain we were having a girl and we came to this conclusion separate from each other, so when he told me he thought this baby is going to be a boy, it kind of confirmed things.  yes, i know this sounds crazy...but i'm telling you, we just KNEW. 

we went for our developmental ultrasound last week and i knew if i could get the results into a sealed envelope, my chances of getting that thing open were fairly we went.  and we left with an envelope. 

we didn't open it for almost five days.  i guess bryce had to decide he too wanted to open it...or just swallow his pride and admit that it's not so crazy to want to be prepared.  there was one requirement i had to meet prior to the opening of the envelope:  i had to sign a contract that we would not find out with the next baby.  being the loving and supportive wife i am, i did one better:  i said no finding out on any of our future babies. 

now what you don't see in this picture is this is the second half of a
previous "contract" i made with my husband. 
something about not being cranky or a -ahem- "choice" word...

so, the three of us were sitting around the table and i was nervous as could be.  i'm still not quite sure why, but i had a huge knot in my stomach. 

bryce opened it, looked, and silently slid it across the table to me. 
"TELL ME!!" 
"nope.  gotta do it yourself."

so i looked...

we were right...again! 

WHAM-O!!!  not only were we excited (and slightly creeped out) that we were right, but i am so glad that bryce is going to get his mini.  he has a wonderful relationship with his father and i can't wait for my husband to have that with our son.  i'm also thankful that brice won't really have to share her wardrobe budget...but that's way down on the list:)

this is one of the sonogram images that confirmed we were having a boy for me...even before we opened "THE" envelope.  i will warn you:  this picture totally creeps me out.  not sure if it's because it's just kind of a creepy skeleton face since we're only at 24ish weeks development when it was taken...or if it's because it looks JUST.  LIKE.  MY.  HUSBAND.  creepy...

and there you have it!  asher graham thompson will be here sometime around the beginning of may.  (he will go by graham because all the men in bryce's family go by their middle names.)

anyone want to wager how long it take my husband to walk through the door with a BB gun?  :)

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  1. awe, Congrats!! I know that I will not be able to go without knowing. I need to be prepared... I'd be a nervous wreck if I didn't know! Now, you'll be 1 and 1. My favorite part about this post was where you said your so glad Brice won't have her to share her wardrobe budget... LOL Congrats to you all! :)

  2. Congrats Kristen! Glad Bryce caved and you guys got to find out! Being a planner myself, I think it's always best to be prepared!



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