Friday, March 30, 2012

hip hop happy Easter!

like i mentioned yesterday, i have about four on-going projects, one of those being my easter banner!  i finished this little guy up today, so i figured i'd share some of the Easter cheer going on at our house. 

i have to say that behind Christmas, Easter is a close second on my favorites list.  my mom always did Easter up at our house and the Easter bunny still visits us:)

the only thing missing is my fresh flowers! 

i hope you all love the iphone photos.  the computer i use to upload my dslr
images is SO SLOW and i didn't feel like messing with that today. 
so sorry the image is over-exposed...


alright, so here's the quick how-to:

you need a cricut.  i LOVE the cricut.  seriously...and i don't really even know how to use it!  i cannot even begin to express my thanks to our good friend ginger who is letting me baby sit this amazing thing:)

i chose 3 different scrap book papers that were on sale 50% off at hob lob, making this little dude even cuter since it only cost me a whopping $4! 

the outer and largest layer is a 7" 32S from the accent essentials cartidge.  i tried to line of the paper in different positions so each one would have a slight variation, although to be honest, it probably didn't make a lick of difference since it's covered by the next layer. 

the second layer is a glittery paper and it required a higher pressure and blade length than the prior paper.  also, glitter paper pretty much damages all the adhesive on your mat, so be cautious of that.  (i'm sure there's a way to remove it, but i haven't taken the time to do that.  this layer is a 4 3/4" 32S from the same accent essentials cartridge.  i used a regular ol' glue stick to stick the first and second layer together. 

the letters are 3" from the plantin' school book cartridge.  to adhere these, i used mod podge, only because i have absolutely no idea where my elmer's glue is.  since the second layer was glittered, a liquid adhesive was necessary. 

punch a hole on each side of the piece and attach it however you'd like.  i used scrap fabric i had laying around.  i have two little grosgrain and sheer ribbon bows on the end to hide the nails i used to hang, but i'm not so in love with them, so don't be surprised if they don't last long:)

the time investment was about an hour and a half, but that was because i had no idea how much the glitter was going to slow down the process!

and just for the sake of reminiscing...

brice after church on Easter last year. 
she was just learning to sit up on her own!

i hope you all are enjoying the Easter season.  this may be one of my favorite times of year not only because of the beautiful weather, but because it is yet another year i am reminded of the amazing sacrifice our Lord Jesus made for us. 

hope you all have a hip-hop-happenin' Easter:)

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