Friday, November 30, 2012

red and her wolf.

i have to admit, i had so much fun with our halloween this year.  unfortunately for my children, i am THAT mom...and as long as i am able, i hope to have my kiddos go as a coordinating entourage each halloween.

i feel sorry for my husband in that i LOVE holidays.  all of them.  my mom always did such a great job of making each and every holiday special - some more than others of course - but all of them were special.  my sweet mom was kind enough to help me navigate my way through making my own pattern and sewing the cape for b's costume.  yet again, it was confirmed i am a PITIFUL seamstress.  blah.

i'm also proud to say that these costumes were only about a $30 investment for both, which was great seeing as how we were having a certain little two year old's birthday three days after halloween (i will NEVER have a party that close to halloween EVER again.  EVER.)

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