Wednesday, December 5, 2012

b's mickey party.

as i told y'all a while back, we went ahead and jumped head first into the dreaded theme party...

i have to admit, we may have had more fun than the littles did!  i'll be honest when i say we used a two year old's birthday party as cover for an adult party:)

daddy smoked a pork shoulder from a wild boar and some deer (both he shot himself and he was SO proud of that!) and we of course had hot diggity dogs!  for the kiddos, we got a pink and purple castle bounce house which was worth EVERY penny.  the kids had a blast!!!

my only regret from the day is that i didn't get more photos!  

we have a birthday tradition of a ginormous birthday number every year!  we have such a sweet (and crafty!) daddy to make these for us.  see last year's here.

to make the yarn wrapped two and the balloon two, i purchased a long, narrow styrofoam sheet from hob lob.  i then free handed the shape, cut it out with a steak knife (which works beautifully, FYI.)  and followed up with some sanding to get the perfect shape.  you can see the inspiration (and the uber-simple how-to, of course!) behind the balloon two over at confessions of a plate addict.      

again, our super-amazingly-awesome daddio went to work and make us our huge mickey silhouette!  he cut it out of  some sort of foam insulation sheet from home depot.  

our super-duper yummo mini cupcakes and cake were done by the fantastic bakery at uptown grocery in edmond.  i CANNOT speak highly enough of them!!!  so good, and the best part...cake and two dozen mini cupcakes for $40, including tax!  YES.  YOU.  HEARD.  ME.  $40.  awesome.  

of course, huge SHOUT-OUT to my bff, the cricut!  i couldn't have made all the paper products with out her! 


i wish i would've made a point to tell more guests to use instagram.  i was really hoping to have a TON of pics of everyone's kids so i could make an instagram scrapbook...but the ones i did get were great!  

my sweet mother in law made these darling mickey and minnie hats for the littles.  the boys had buttons and the girls had bows.  so cute.  

in addition to the bounce house, we also had mickey mouse coloring pages and a cookie decorating table out in the backyard.  my brilliant friend cara told me to put the icing and sprinkles in a cupcake tin.  genius, i tell ya'.  GENIUS.
a GREAT $5 investment.
get yours here!
ANNDDDD make sure you go through ebates!

if you have any questions about how i did anything or where i purchased items, feel free to ask!  i would go into more detail about everything, but it appears nap time is over...  :)

oh!  if you want to see the collaboration of inspiration, go check out my pinterest board!  

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