Sunday, September 21, 2014

to my two year old little boy...

well, in true mama fashion, this comes almost a full three  four months late.  however - we are all alive and well, so i guess it's a wash.

brother bear, our sweet heavenly father definitely broke the mold with you.  it is quite amazing to see how much you have grown and changed in just one short year.

first off, you are ALL BOY.  like crazy, fearless, rough-and-tumble ALL boy.  you ooze ornery from every inch of your body, but it is so very well hidden behind one of the sweetest little personalities i have ever seen.  you are SNEAKY, which makes me chuckle because i see the wheels turning in your little head and then in turn i'm on guard because i know you're up to something.  you love big - just like the rest of us - but you also thoroughly enjoy tormenting your sister and the dogs.  although you are A LOT of work, you are worth every second of the exhaustion.  i need to get a pedometer to track the steps i take each day just chasing you.  you are a runner:  when you are fixing to get in trouble, you sprint, and as daddy puts it, stride for stride you are the fastest person in this family.  if you get away from me, i have to legitimately run after you.

trucks.  oh man you LOVE your trucks.  you have quite the collection of heavy equipment and sometimes i think your daddy may have more fun with them than you do.  you're also into legos, building things and then demolishing them and riding your tricycle.  (oh and dressing up in sister's princess gowns, but we'll just keep that between us.)

the last year has been an absolute whirlwind.  the second your little feet hit the ground, you have one speed and that is GO.  you're still a little sensitive, and when you get your feelings hurt, i can't help but laugh because your pout face is AWESOME.  it's really more of a full body action where you cross your arms, pout those lips, put that head down and stomp off to your room, all followed with an authoritative door slam.  (which you then get a spanking for because, by golly, if i've said it once, i've said it a thousand times:  STOP.  SLAMMING.  THE.  DOORS.)

those big ol' blue eyes, dimples and "business hair" are sure to get you in trouble, so use those sparingly.  actually, i take that back...i have a feeling you'll be one of those boys that get called to the principal's office, just to flash those pearly whites and ridiculously amazing dimples to get off with a warning.  once you learn how to harness the power in those tools God gave you, the rest of us are in for it.  luckily for all those girls' parents you will cross paths with,  you have a mama and daddy who will snatch your head off if you mistreat them.  be kind, be gentle, and treat them with respect as God commands.

at your two year check up, you weighed 32 pounds (75%-90%) and were 36" tall (90%).  You are a big ol' dude sporting a size 9 shoe.  NINE.  that is crazy.  Your sister wears a size 10.  NUTSO.  bananas, chips and cereal are on the top of your faves list right now.  your language skills are improving, but i'm actually surprised that you talk at all seeing as how your big sister never shuts her mouth.  but bless her heart, she comes by that naturally.

you are so happy, which is fitting since "asher" is hebrew for "happy" (also fortunate/blessed, which you indeed are.) the bible talks about the blessing of a child to a parent, and you are most definitely that.  it is our job as your father and mother to raise you up knowing Truth and equipping you to take on the world after you leave our little nest.  i know you will grow tired of me plastering scripture all over our house and covering you with it daily, but there will come a day where your heart will need to turn to what you know is True.  motherhood is my mission field, and with the grace of God i intend to serve you and your sister well.

there is a school of thought that portrays all Christian men as being weak and timid, but that is nothing short of a lie.  i pray that you become a man who is strong and courageous, loves Jesus and loves others and isn't afraid to stand up for what is right and true.  do not be boastful, prideful or arrogant as those things will surely bring hardship.  take your thoughts captive and be confident in the gospel.  know that you were designed for a purpose.

you are so loved sweet boy.  you bring a joy indescribable to my heart and to our family.  thank you for helping me to realize what is truly important in life - and although i'm not always good at focusing on the big picture,  thank you for your unwavering love.  you truly melt my heart and i am so honored that God chose me to be your mama.

God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of power and love and self-control. 
{2 Timothy 1:  7}

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