Tuesday, December 6, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

AAAAH.  CHRISTMAS.  my absolute favorite time of the year!!!  i am such a giddy little kid when Christmastime rolls around, much to my husband's annoyment:)

most of the decorations are up and the tyler christmas tradition candles are burning away, filling our house with the smell of the holidays and i absolutely LOVE it.  cue the santa-enduced butterflies and sugar cookie coma...

anyway, here is love bug "helping" with the lights.  i made a BIG mistake by letting her get her grubby little paws all over the lights and ornaments for the sake of pictures because now i can't keep her out of it.  oh well, i think the pictures are worth it and i hope y'all do too:)

here are the stats for the photos in case you're interested:  canon 50 mm lens, 1/80, f/1.8, iso 1600

merry Christmas y'all!!!  don't forget to take time to ENJOY your family and make memories:)


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  1. Love it. GREAT photo. Can't wait to get my lense from Santa.

    I agree - I am 95% done with shopping/gifts/wrapping, and I'm not doing a ton of homemade stuff this year - all so we can slow down and ENJOY this season and start traditions and take everything in - it's going to be sooooo nice.

    you're a blogging machine lately

  2. i know, right?! i'm trying to get caught up with everything before christmas...and since it's been FUH-REEZING and windy as all get out, we haven't been going out a whole lot!

  3. I saw this via pinterest.... thank you SOOOO much for the stats every where I've looked they haven't had the stats... the pictures are perfect! thanks again :D

    -Jami- http://jacksonshappenins.blogspot.com/

  4. golly geez, thanks you guys! :)

  5. oh and jami you are so welcome!! i'm just to the point where i'm comfortable with my camera, so i know how important it is to view the stats:) good luck!!!

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  7. My question is how can you navigate the electric shock and electrocution risk from the electric lights and the strangulation risk from the string of lights while still making sure you get a good picture? That can happen in an instant (especially when the baby has the light bulb in her mouth, which I believe is what I see you photographing your child doing here. She does actually have a live electric lighted bulb in her mouth, correct?). You have to balance both danger and getting a good photo, but I struggle with not harming my child too badly....

    1. hi sidney,

      thank you for your concern, but i have to admit i was a little taken aback by your comment (and the first one, which i saw before you removed it and in my opinion it was fairly aggressive). for your peace of mind (although i truly feel it is none of your concern) she does NOT have the lights in her mouth and my husband was standing there not a foot away from in case something were to go awry. i would NEVER leave my child unattended with a potential strangulation and/or electrocution hazard.

      here's the thing: if you are not comfortable with an image like this, you DO NOT have to let your child play with the lights to take the photo. i would kindly suggest that if you are overly concerned with the "potential danger" associated with this photo that you NOT do it, and at the same time, your energy may be better directed into positive outlets instead of criticizing a complete stranger and jumping to conclusions based upon limited information.

  8. I'm so excited to try this today! It is beautiful! Thank you for posting and sharing with us!



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